Here’s why Captain Jason Chambers called himself ‘naive’ about Below Deck Down Under

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under
Captain Jason has spilled some tea about his Below Deck beginning. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Jason Chambers quickly became a fan favorite from the moment he first appeared on Below Deck Down Under.

The hunky captain had Below Deck fans and his own crew members gushing over him.

However, Captain Jason had no idea the show was such a big deal before Below Deck Down Under aired.

The Bravo personality also didn’t realize how much his life would change from the show.

Boy, has it ever changed! That was proved more than ever at BravoCon last year when all the ladies wanted a piece of the hot captain.

As Below Deck Down Under fans anxiously wait for Season 3, Captain Jason has revealed his initial thoughts about the yachting franchise.

Here’s why Captain Jason Chambers thinks he was ‘naïve’ about Below Deck Down Under

Captain Jason joined Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach, Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Captain Glenn Shephard, Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Yawn, and Below Deck star Captain Kerry Titheradge to give some behind-the-scenes details on the hit yachting franchise.

When discussing how everyone got involved with their respective Below Deck shows, Captain Jason opened up about not realizing the yachting show was such a big deal before he joined it.

“I honestly think I was pretty naive. I didn’t think it was this big of a deal, you know,” Captain Jason expressed. “I don’t live in America. I do live in the Philippines.”

The captain spoke about how he ended up being cast on the latest Below Deck spin-off.

“I got a phone call about using the boat in Below Deck. Then they rang me and said you want to apply for being the captain. I was like, I was okay could be time for a change,” he dished.

All five captains opened up about safety and the struggles of working on a yacht while also filming a reality TV show.

Hint: the biggest challenge is getting the production team on and off the yacht safely, even if the weather conditions are not great.

What do we know about Below Deck Down Under Season 3?

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under put the show on the map due to Captain Jason and his trusty chief stew, Aesha Scott. How they dealt with Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne earned them mad props and took the show to a whole new level.

Since Below Deck Down Under ended last fall without any reunion, fans have been waiting to hear news about Season 3. In December, Captain Jason revealed that Below Deck Down Under Season 3 hadn’t even filmed yet.

Well, the good news is that according to Noah Samton, a senior vice president of unscripted current production for NBCUniversal, the season is currently filming or was at the time he spoke with The New York Times.

We don’t know exactly what that means in terms of when the show will air, other than the fact that it likely won’t be until the end of this year or early next year.

Some fans have voiced concern that Aesha won’t be involved because she’s been all over social media lately. In fact, Aesha just shared a life-changing moment with her boyfriend, Scotty Dobson.

Captain Jason Chambers didn’t talk at all about the next season in the video with the other captains, but hopefully, we will hear some news soon.

The timing of the captain’s video comes hot on the heels of Monsters and Critics reporting that Below Deck fans have named Captain Jason their favorite.

Below Deck Down Under is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Peacock.

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