Here’s who Lisa Rinna never wants back on RHOBH

Lisa Rinna close up
Lisa Rinna said she could work with anyone but revealed who she doesn’t want back on The RHOBH. Pic credit:©

Lisa Rinna seems like a tough cookie and someone who really wouldn’t mind who the producers chose to bring into the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In fact, she recently said that she could work with anyone. However, the reality star back peddled last night and revealed who she never wants to see in the cast.

Lisa was at the People’s Choice Awards yesterday when she answered a series of rapid-fire questions.

Actress Lavern Cox was interviewing her and asked whom she wanted to return to the show. Without hesitation, Lisa replied, “Brandi Glanville.”

She was then asked whom she never wanted back on the show.

Lisa looked surprised by the question; she laughed and said rapidly, “Lisa Vanderpump.”

Lisa Rinna doesn’t want to be closer to anyone on The RHOBH cast

Lisa was also asked if there was a Housewife on the cast that she wished she was closer to. She thought about it, and then she answered, “No one right now. I’m fine. I’m good.”

The actress had a falling out with Kathy Hilton after she accused Kathy of having a meltdown in Aspen and saying vile things about her sister Kyle Richards, the whole cast, and even the network.

Kathy said she would need a mini-series to respond to all of Lisa’s allegations. She asked her co-star to take a lie detector test.

Kyle stayed silent during the reunion and didn’t take sides when her sister and Lisa went at it.

But during the season, Kyle told Erika Jayne off camera that she was relieved that someone else besides her witnessed how Kathy can get when she is upset. Kyle then felt betrayed when Erika brought it up to the group.

RHOBH viewers slammed Lisa Rinna

Since the season aired and after the reunion, Lisa got a lot of flak from viewers. She even got booed at BravoCon. The soap opera star being her true self, said that it was the summit of her career as she had never been booed before.

The reality star also admitted at People’s Choice Awards that she is in a love-hate relationship with the show’s viewers right now.

She said, “I get a lot of love, I get a lot of hate and I love it all. You have to embrace all of it.”

To that point, during the reunion, Lisa said, “Put me on pause,” when Andy Cohen pointed out that she needed to have someone approve what she was posting. He told her that she was a disaster on social media. Lisa promised to do better, but she hasn’t.

She revealed that she got a rush from all the attention she gets after a controversial post. She recently got slammed by viewers when she used Paris Hilton’s trauma to hurt Kathy.

Kathy threw some digs at Lisa during the award show. At one point, the two nemeses were sitting right next to each other. Lisa took to social media and told her followers that the whole thing was, “Awkward.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus and will return next year to Bravo.