Here’s who got a rose this week on The Golden Bachelor and gets to Hometowns

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner
Gerry Turner made some tough choices as he sent half the women home. Pic credit: ABC

The first season of The Golden Bachelor has been so good that the weeks have flown by.

We’re already down to Hometowns after the latest episode, which sent three more women packing.

It was an emotional one for Gerry Turner, who admitted that he’s built strong connections with all six of the women he started the episode with.

It’s no secret that Gerry is quite a catch, and all the women were hoping to move forward and introduce him to their friends and family.

Unfortunately, that can’t happen for everyone, and there was even a surprising change from the original format that is a big bummer for the ladies.

While The Bachelor usually sees four women make it to Hometowns, The Golden Bachelor only took three.

Gerry Turner makes the hard decisions

With some tough decisions ahead of him, Gerry opted to take Faith out for a one-on-one date that had the other women green with envy.

It was an incredible day for the pair, where they rode in a helicopter, landed on a helipad on a yacht, and enjoyed a romantic hot tub.

It was nearly too much for Leslie, who cried while they were gone, wishing she was the one sharing that special time.

Eileen was upset, too, as she couldn’t stop talking about how much she was falling in love with Gerry.

The only one that seemed to not be falling apart was Susan, who has handled this season with the same shrewdness as her doppelganger, Kris Jenner.

Gerry’s romantic and very posh date with Faith ended with him giving away the first rose of the night.

After the hottest luxury date of the season, Gerry met up with the rest of the women and enjoyed some time at the fair.

It was a rollercoaster ride for sure, with love confessions, tears, and even more of Gerry’s genuineness.

It didn’t end with a rose, though, as Gerry just wasn’t ready to give away the last two quite yet. Instead, he opted to take an extra day to really get clarity and figure out who he had to continue on the journey with.

Gerry gave out the last two roses and sent three women home

Gerry saved his last two roses for a nailbiter of a rose ceremony. All of the ladies felt deserving of a rose, and in their own ways, each of them was.

The pressure was on, and Gerry acknowledged that he was holding each of their hearts in his hand before quickly giving the first rose to Leslie.

At that point, the other women looked rightfully nervous as Gerry called Theresa’s name, leaving Susan, Ellen, and Sandra to pack their things and go.

Gerry, knowing that Ellen felt strongly about him and confessed she was falling in love, opted to walk her out.

He confessed that sending Ellen home was the hardest decision for him. In turn, she hugged Gerry and told him, “OK, I gotta go,” before she climbed into the waiting SUV and wiped away tears.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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