Here’s how Memphis made it clear she’s not with Hamza after 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

Memphis Smith shares with fans that she is no longer with Hamza in a discreet way.
Memphis Smith shares with fans that she is no longer with Hamza in a very subtle way. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Memphis Smith, has left a bold clue alluding to her current relationship status with Hamza. 

Although Memphis’s clue was bold, she was very discreet in the delivery. 

Memphis places a single mom hashtag in her recent post on Instagram

Memphis took to her Instagram to share a post about being a mom and ask other moms to chime in with any parenting advice.

As seemingly innocent as this post was, the hashtag section caught the attention of so many. 

Memphis included, “#singlemomlife,” among a slew of other hashtags.

This hashtag was a very sly way of reinforcing that she and Hamza are no longer together and that she is single. 

Fans are still critical of the status of Memphis’s youngest child

Fans are still uneasy regarding the status of Memphis’s baby. 

Given her and Hamza’s relationship status, fans are still waiting for a definitive answer about who the father of her youngest child is.

Memphis still has not provided hard evidence, such as a DNA test letting fans know that Hamza is the father of her child.  

Memphis has tried endlessly to clarify that Hamza is the father of her youngest child. 

Memphis has gone so far as to try and convince fans about the paternity of her child that she made a post including a pregnancy timeline to corroborate with the timeline Hamza gave regarding how long she was in Tunisia. 

The moment Memphis mentioned that she was pregnant on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, fans became uneasy. 

One fan commented, “I have said from the second she said it on tv that the baby isn’t his. She was pregnant when she got there and took that pregnancy test with her. I hope he gets a DNA test!!! I bet the baby is the ex husbands.”

“Even after they got here, she kept spending time with the ex. Her idea of abuse is he didn’t get a great job; he wouldn’t take care of all her kids, clean the house, cook and service her whenever she demanded. That didn’t work out too well! Memphis needs therapy because she has some deep problems. She also needs to use birth control or keep her legs closed!!” 

One fan believes Memphis's baby is her ex husbands.
Pic credit: YourWetSock/YouTube

Another fan commented, “It’s a bummer that she’s using such a sweet man; he does not deserve such a disrespectful, self-absorbed, victim mentality person. Not to say she hasn’t had bad things happen, but she’s made it such a part of her mind that she uses it as justification for her shitty actions, even though they’re just an excuse.” 

Fans are supportive of Hamza and did not think he deserved all of the negativity that was brought upon him with Memphis.
Pic credit: YourWetSock/YouTube

Although fans are still uneasy about the entire situation with Memphis and Hamza, one thing is for sure, Memphis is thriving through it all.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.