Here’s how Little People, Big World fans feel about Matt and Caryn’s engagement

Matt and Caryn IG selfie March 2020
Matt and Caryn snap a selfie for Caryn’s birthday in 2020. Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World viewers are weighing in now that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler announced their engagement.

Matt finally put a ring on it after dating Caryn for six years, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

Caryn didn’t share the news on her Instagram, but Matt made the announcement on her behalf, sharing an identical post made by TLC.

Matt told PEOPLE in a statement, “After six wonderful years together, I asked Caryn to marry me, and she said yes! Our plan is to enjoy our engagement, and we are looking forward to a simple but elegant wedding in 2024.”

Now that Matt and Caryn are officially scheduled to be husband and wife, LPBW viewers are reacting to the news — and not all of them are happy for the future spouses.

One LPBW viewer posted the news in a Reddit thread, where a screenshot of Matt’s Instagram post was captioned, “Matt and Caryn engaged!”

Other Redditors flocked to the comments section, where they offered their two cents about Caryn becoming Mrs. Roloff next year.

LPBW viewers weigh in on Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s engagement

“Does anybody actually believe she is with this guy for love?” asked one commenter, adding, “Amy was stupid for selling Matt her piece of the farm. I would have held on to it just to make sure Caryn never got it.”

little people big world viewers react to matt roloff's engagement on reddit
Some LPBW viewers aren’t happy for Matt and Caryn. Pic credit: u/Americanhealth74/Reddit

Another LPBW viewer surmised that Matt and Caryn got engaged to “keep the show going” and asked if anyone even cares about the topic anymore.

“Cheater wins,” read another comment, while one Redditor wrote, “Ewww now hopefully he has a rock solid pre nup.”

LPBW viewers deem Caryn Chandler a ‘gold digger’ and a ‘cheater’

Caryn has been accused of being a gold digger for years by critics who think she’s after Matt’s wallet and not his heart. Caryn addressed the topic during a 2021 episode of LPBW, telling Matt’s daughter-in-law, Tori Roloff, “I think the saddest thing that I deal with, with Matt is that people think that I’m with him because of some reason other than I love him.”

During a confessional, Caryn admitted that even if the farm weren’t in the equation, she’d still be with Matt.

“You know, if anybody thinks I’m with him for some reason other than I adore him, that’s really their problem,” Caryn confessed.

In addition to being labeled a gold digger by her critics, Caryn has also been accused of interfering with Matt’s previous marriage to Amy Roloff. Before she and Matt began dating, Caryn worked as a manager at Roloff Farms, but Amy thinks Caryn and Matt shared more than a business relationship.

Amy admitted during a Facebook Live video that “there was more than just [friendship] going on,” and wrote in her memoir, A Little Me, that Matt and Caryn’s relationship was “more than” just a friendship. Amy accused Matt of sharing “messages, pictures, and other things” with Caryn that weren’t appropriate for a business relationship.

LPBW viewers show support for Matt and Caryn’s upcoming nuptials

Despite the criticism, Matt and Caryn did receive some support from a few LPBW viewers.

One wrote that although they were surprised to hear Matt popped the question, “whatever makes them happy I guess.”

little people big world viewers react to matt roloff's engagement on reddit
Matt and Caryn found some support from LPBW viewers. Pic credit: u/Americanhealth74/Reddit

“Good for [them]. Mazel tov,” wrote another. “Screw the haters.”

“You have to move on in life,” voiced another one of Matt and Caryn’s supporters.

Matt and Caryn’s nuptials will be the second for each of them. Caryn was married to Joseph Chandler for roughly 20 years until he filed for divorce in 2012. Caryn and Joseph share two children, their son Connor and their daughter Brittany.

Matt and Amy were married for 27 years, announcing their split in 2015 and finalizing their divorce in 2016. The former couple shares four children: Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob.

Amy has since remarried and resides in Oregon with her husband, Chris Marek.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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