Hannah Gosselin celebrates 18th birthday with swanky Miami party

Hannah Gosselin
Hannah Gosselin turns 18-years-old. Pic credit: @hannahjgosselin/Instagram

Hannah Gosselin, one of the sextuplets from Jon & Kate Plus 8, celebrates her 18th birthday in style while in Miami.

Hannah and her other five siblings, who are part of the sextuplet tribe, turned 18 on May 10, 2022. But Hannah took celebrating to a whole new level.

She drove a Rolls-Royce worth $400,000 to the Sugar Factory in Miami’s South Beach to meet up with her friends.

However, none of Hannah’s siblings were present during the birthday shenanigans. It was only her four best friends and her dad, Jon.

What did Hannah Gosselin do while in Miami for her 18th birthday?

When interviewed by Page Six, Hannah asked, “How often do you get to travel with your four best friends to Miami, party at the Sugar Factory, ride in a Rolls-Royce and start a brand new line of amazing products? It was my type of heaven.”

Hannah posted photos of herself in the white sports car as she stunned the crowd in a velvet orange dress and white high-heeled block sandals while the paparazzi took photos.

While she partied with her dad, Jon, and some of her closest friends, Hannah’s mom, Kate Gosselin, was not seen celebrating with Hannah at the party.

Hannah relayed in her interview that the only thing that would have made her birthday celebration perfect was if all of her siblings had been there with her.

She went on to say, “I miss them and I know if we got to spend more time together, especially on our birthday, it would be more fun.”

Hannah decided to go to Miami for her birthday because she has hopes of going to college in Florida and majoring in business. She already has her own beauty and cosmetics line called Gosselin Girl. In fact, it launched on her birthday.

When asked about turning 18, Hannah exclaimed, “I seriously can’t believe I am 18! It feels like yesterday when my brothers and sisters and I were all together shooting the show! I don’t miss it, but I miss them! I’m really excited to be at this point in my life … I feel a certain type of freedom.”

What is Jon Gosselin’s relationship with his kids?

While on The Dr. Oz Show back in 2021, Jon informed the host that Hannah and her brother Collin live with him, while the other six, Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah, along with his two older girls, Madelyn and Cara, live with their mom, Kate.

Once there, Jon talked more about his relationship with his ex-wife Kate and his six other kids, who have chosen to live with her and not him.

Jon stated that all of his children are always welcome at his home and that he has constantly reached out to them. While he has done some things in the past that he can’t change, Jon has put the ball in their court and would welcome them to come to see and even stay with him, Hannah and Collin.

Overall, Jon just really wants the other four of the sextuplets to reach out and develop a relationship with Hannah and Collin, as well as himself, in the future.

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