Hannah Ferrier reveals hiding anxiety during Below Deck Med filming led to massive weight loss

Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Med Season 3
Hannah dropped a big Below Deck Med bombshell. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med alum Hannah Ferrier has opened up about the toll hiding her anxiety took on her while filming the Bravo show.

Hannah helped launch the first Below Deck spin-off but was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn during Season 5.

The chief stew has been vocal about her mental health since leaving Below Deck Med, opening up about the times she hid it.

During Season 3, cameras captured Hannah having a panic attack, and she began to speak out about her mental health struggles more.

When she was fired for having Valium for her anxiety on the yacht, Hannah stepped up to share her story even more.

Most recently, Hannah revealed the toll hiding her anxiety during filming took on her.

Hannah Ferrier lost massive weight while hiding anxiety on Below Deck Med

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Hannah opened up about how far mental health conversations have come. Hannah reflected on hiding her anxiety because of the same embarrassment she felt about it.

“Filming season 1 of Below Deck Med – I was so embarrassed at the time to admit I was struggling with anxiety that I ended up losing 22 pounds in 6 weeks during filming – I would actually hide in the bathroom while covering my microphone and having panic attacks – I’m glad we have moved on as a society and can now talk openly about mental illness,” she wrote over throwback picture.

Hannah Ferrier Below Deck Med IG Story
Hannah Ferrier lost 20lbs due to hiding anxiety during Below Deck Med filming. Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

Hannah later uploaded some DM’s she received after opening up about her experience. Three different slides were filled with people thanking Hannah for sharing her story.

One message admitted that having Hannah reveal her anxiety made the user’s lives a little easier. Others gave Hannah credit for being an inspiration and that her story matters.

There was also a lot of sympathy for Hannah having to endure what she did on reality television.

“It honestly makes me so happy that in whatever small way I helped people feel better about their own mental health,” Hannah shared adding on a different message, “For all the beautiful messages.”

Hannah Ferrier shares DMs
Hannah Ferrier shared her DM’s after reflecting on Below Deck Med anxiety. Pic credit: @hannahferrier234/Instagram

Below Deck Med star Hannah Ferrier’s firing caused outrage

When Captain Sandy fired Hannah for having undeclared Valium for her anxiety and a CBD pen, Below Deck Med fans were outraged. Malia White sent the information to Captain Sandy, making them two of the most hated people on reality television.

It did, though, prompt Hannah to speak more about her condition. However, Hannah does feel that Captain Sandy could have kept her, referencing when Captain Lee Rosbach let Kat Held stay on Below Deck even though she had undeclared prescription medication.

These days, Hannah has moved on to living her best life with her husband, Josh, and daughter, Ava. Hannah continues to support the Below Deck franchise through her podcast and social media.

Below Deck Med is now in Season 8, and it’s the third season without Hannah Ferrier as a chief stew. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Hannah threw shade at the show for having a revolving door of chief stews since she was fired.

Only a handful of episodes remain in Season 8 of Below Deck Med, and you can see what’s coming up right here.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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2 months ago

Hannah is full of crap, should have been fired for hooking up with the guest.