Hannah Ferrier loses it at Joao Franco on Below Deck Mediterranean

Hannah Ferrier and Joao Franco during their clash on Below Deck Mediterranean

On tonight’s action-packed episode of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, the crew find themselves fussing and feuding with both the guests and among themselves.

Last week we were introduced to a new crop of demanding, but highly entertaining, charter guests, including Nichelle Gainey and Areca Whatmore. The astounded ladies were appalled that Chef Adam dared to serve them “slop”.

Will they be happier with the crew on tonight’s episode? Apparently not! The primary charter guest lodges complaints with Captain Sandy, indicating that the crew is not yet living up to her standards.

Captain Sandy also has a tough decision to make when one of the guests tells an unabashed lie to Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier while at the dinner table. Who does Captain Sandy choose to believe?

After all the stress and fireworks on board the yacht, the crew obviously needs a little R&R themselves. This leads to a wild night of hard partying, which only brings on more drama when Lead Deckhand Joao Franco and Hannah find themselves at odds.

On the ride back to the yacht, Adam Glick and Hannah are relaxed and trading good-natured jabs when she notices that Joao has his junk in Adam’s face.

Joao tells Adam he has to protect the crown jewels from stewardesses, inferring the beautiful Hannah. Rightfully so Hannah informs him that she’s the Chief Steward, and not to talk to her like that. Bodacious Joao seems completely unfazed by the dressing down and digs a deeper hole by announcing to the crew that Hannah has a “goat laugh”, and telling her she has “nothing going on” in her life.

In an interview with producers he says that he’s not a “yachtie” like the rest of the crew and won’t accept their hierarchy. It doesn’t look like his efforts to endear himself are going to go very far, and Hannah quickly puts him in his place!

Meanwhile a guest excursion to Capri finds Joao and Third Stew Kasey Cohen bonding. You won’t want to miss the shocking bombshell she drops about her personal life!

And, as if the personal level spectacle isn’t enough, Hannah, Bosun Conrad Empson, and Deckhand Jamie Jason must navigate a monster storm; is the season over before it’s fully launched?

Watch Hannah and Joao face off in the clip below!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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