Hannah Brown opens up about sleep paralysis scares

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown has “super scary” sleep paralysis experiences. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown has been living the dream since becoming The Bachelorette back in 2019, however, she’s also had to deal with some eerie sleep issues due to her sleep paralysis. 

Sleep paralysis is an episode that occurs when someone is between stages of wakefulness and sleep, and it entails the feeling of being conscious while unable to move. 

Hannah recently provided more insight into the issues and scares she endures with sleep paralysis. 

Hannah Brown calls sleep paralysis ‘the weirdest thing’

Hannah Brown took to her Instagram stories to detail her challenging experiences with sleep paralysis and make people with “any type of abnormal sleep stuff” feel less alone. 

Hannah asked, “Do any of you experience sleep paralysis? Because I’ve already had an alternate morning in my sleep paralysis state.” 

Reflecting on her experience and the odd sensation of trying to tell herself to move but not being able to, Hannah shared, “It’s the weirdest thing. I am like, ‘Hannah open your eyes,’ in my head while I’m sleeping.”

Sleep paralysis can be pretty daunting, however, Hannah clarified that her recent experience wasn’t a nightmare even though she did go into a dream state. While her recent experience wasn’t too terrifying, most times, Hannah has found sleep paralysis to be “super scary” as reported by Us Weekly.

Hannah expressed that she had trouble discerning what was real or not, saying, “It felt like I had woken up and done a whole morning, but I couldn’t move. It’s the weirdest thing. So, I’m still just recuperating from that.”

Hannah further explained, that sleep paralysis “feels [like] you’re unable to move or speak for a bit. Also, you just wake up really confused.”

Hannah Brown learns to love her body 

Hannah has put both her mind and body through a lot since becoming one of the biggest names in Bachelor Nation. 

After starring as the leading lady on The Bachelorette Season 15, Hannah went on to win the coveted mirrorball trophy on Dancing with the Stars. 

Previously, Hannah spoke about how hard she pushed her body during the celebrity dancing competition and how she’s learning to prioritize both her mental and physical health. 

Hannah expressed, “Mentally, I’m healing and I’m resting my body so I can slowly love on my body. There is not a world where I am not going to let myself enjoy life. I love sugar. I’m not going to deprive myself.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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