Hannah B is happy Bachelorette season is almost over: Spotted on airplane after reported split [Spoilers]

Hannah B
Hannah B appears happy that her season of The Bachelorette is almost over. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah B has been labeled a controversial Bachelorette choice, as she speaks her mind and doesn’t care what other people think about her. And she’s still getting some criticism on social media, especially in relation to keeping Luke Parker around for as long as she does.

But based on some recent comments, it sounds like Hannah is ready for this experience to be over. On Twitter, she replied to a viewer, revealing that it is a good thing that her season of The Bachelorette is almost over. She also added a thumbs-up emoji to support her statement.

It has been a rough season for Hannah, as she’s had to defend her decision to explore sexual relationships with some of the contestants. She’s also had to deal with several of the guys having girlfriends back home.

This week, Hannah tweeted a photo of herself on a plane, revealing that she was about to “get the heck of out here sully.”

It’s uncertain where she’s going, but she was leaving her home state of Alabama. It’s possible she’s flying to Los Angeles to film more for The Bachelorette Men Tell All or the finale episode, which is just weeks away.

It’s also possible she’s taking a few days to herself, as she’s reportedly had some rough weeks.

As we’ve previously reported, Hannah B has supposedly dumped her final pick after stories surfaced in the media that he may have had another woman at home in Nashville.

Spoilers ahead!

Hannah reportedly picked Jed Wyatt in the end and the two got engaged. But after Jed’s former fling revealed that he had gone on the show with her thinking that he was coming back to her, Hannah ended the engagement. Recently, she also decided to end the relationship. Many are hoping that she will give Tyler a shot now that he was the rumored runner-up, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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