Hailey Malles pokes fun at being unknown, shares why she feels ‘blessed’ after elimination 

Hailey Malles
Hailey Malles proves she knows how to laugh at herself. Pic credit: @haileyluhoo/Instagram

Hailey Malles’s time on Bachelor in Paradise was short-lived, as she became one of three women eliminated after the first rose ceremony. 

Hailey had hoped to have a better chance at love in Paradise after being sent home on night one of The Bachelor Season 26. 

However, she ended up not getting a single rose on both shows. 

The most buzz around Hailey came from viewers commenting on how unfamiliar she was due to her very brief time on The Bachelor. 

Hailey caught wind of the online commentary, and she reacted to it with humor. 

Hailey also expressed feeling blessed by her support system. 

Hailey Malles jokes about being a lesser-known member of Bachelor Nation 

Hailey Malles took to her Instagram Stories to share several posts regarding her Bachelor in Paradise experience. 

In one post, Hailey reshared Zachary Reality’s tweet which read, “Generous to give Hailey this much airtime already.” 

Referring to herself, Hailey commented under the tweet, “Who is she though honestly.” 

She doubled down on teasing her unfamiliarity in her IG post, writing, “But seriously we don’t even know her @zacharyreality.” 

Hailey Malles' shares tweets to her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @haileyluhoo/Instagram

In another post, Hailey reshared a tweet from Hunter Haag. Hunter’s tweet aimed to remind viewers that she and Hailey are two different people. 

Hailey got a kick out of the post comparing the two Bachelor Nation blondes and reacted with laughing emojis on her Instagram Stories. 

Hailey Malles' shares tweets to her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @haileyluhoo/Instagram

Hailey also shared a post from a friend who watched Hailey on Bachelor in Paradise while using their treadmill. 

Text over the video saw Hailey sharing that she loved receiving Bachelor in Paradise freeze frames from her friends. 

Hailey added, “Blessed to have so much support from friends and family who know and love me, especially through these crazy experiences.” 

Hailey Malles' shares BIP freeze frame on her Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @haileyluhoo/Instagram

Hailey also shared a post on Instagram reflecting on her experience and expressing relief to now just watch the show without anxiety over her edit. 

Who else went home after the first BIP rose ceremony? 

Hailey wasn’t alone in getting the boot from Paradise as two other women from Clayton Echard’s season also went home. 

Hunter Haag was eliminated after losing her connection with Johnny DePhillipo at the last minute. 

Johnny decided he’d instead pursue a connection with The Bachelor Season 24 star Victoria Fuller and gave her his rose. 

Kira Mengistu was also eliminated after a dramatic few days in Paradise. 

When Kira arrived on the island, there was immediate tension between her, Romeo Alexander, and Jill Chin due to Romeo entertaining both of them before the show. 

Romeo eventually told Kira he wanted to focus on Jill, which led Kira to try and secure connections with other men on the island. 

While Kira tried to flirt with Casey Woods and Jacob Rapini, the men weren’t interested enough to give her their rose, which brought her Bachelor in Paradise experience to an end. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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