Hai Giang on Survivor 42: Who is the new cast member and where can you find him on Instagram?

Hia Giang on Survivor 42
Hia Giang on Survivor 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 is coming to CBS in March, and it has a new list of players competing on the show.

The cast list arrived on February 9, exactly one month before its new season premiere. Since that time, more has been revealed about each of the contestants.

One of the newcomers is a 29-year-old data scientist from New Orleans named Hai Giang. Here is what you need to know about the latest Survivor cast member.

Who is Hai Giang on Survivor 42?

Hai Giang is a 29-year-old data scientist who immigrated with his parents from Vietnam. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but now lives in New Orleans.

He grew up poor and has said he found solace in his loneliness by watching Survivor.

“When you grow up poor, you don’t really have the means to explore the world,” Hai said in an interview. “And the show allowed me to see such a variety of people that existed and allowed me the chance to travel and see these beautiful views that I couldn’t access within the confines of our apartment. So this is a lifelong dream.”

Despite growing up poor, he got his education and got a good job out of college.

He bought his first home when he was 24 and paid off his student loans by the age of 26. He became the youngest associate director of analytics at his company by age 27.

How can you follow Hai Giang on Instagram?

Survivor fans can follow Hai Giang on Instagram at @areyouhai.

Hai has over 2,700 followers on Instagram and has over 200 posts. His bio reads, “Dogs, that’s it, that’s my personality. NOLA.”

Not only that, but Hai also has some posts from his stint on Survivor.

He showed his sense of humor in one video, where he wrote, “Advice to future players, do NOT pop any pimples the night before cast photo day.”

He also had a cast photo, where he wrote, “This cast photo is giving sorority pledge realness, it’s giving ‘look over here directly into the sun’, it’s giving ‘why is everyone wearing clothes??'”

Survivor fans who follow Hai Giang can see everything from photos with family.

What are Hai Giang’s skills for Survivor 42?

Hai Giang said he has a different sort of plan to try to win Survivor. Hai said that he has no intention of sticking to long-term allegiances–or even his original tribe.

“There are 18 protagonists here; I’m not the only one,” Hai said. “So if I come into this game thinking that my story is the only story being told, I’m going to lose, and I’m going to crash in a ball of fire.”

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 at 8/7c on CBS.

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