Gwen Stefani looks fierce in a leopard print dress

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani looks fierce ahead of The Voice finale. Pic credit: ©️

Gwen Stefani looked fierce in her leopard print dress ahead of The Voice finale yesterday.

The star was promoting her GXVE beauty line while telling fans how they could also achieve her look.

The 53-year-old music and fashion icon wasn’t able to continue on in The Voice competition as a coach, but she was still there to support her husband, Blake Shelton. Blake had three artists competing for the coveted trophy in the season finale.

Gwen’s crimson-red lips and smoky eyes popped for the promotional post on her Twitter page. Her ivory skin and golden locks enhanced her youthful glow.

The ruffle and deep V-cut of her dress were dramatic and figure-flattering for her svelte shape.

Gwen’s happy glow seems to emanate from within, not just from her makeup and designer dress. She also doesn’t need filters for that kind of added shine.

As a coach on The Voice, her team called her “Mama Gwen” because of her nurturing qualities.

What’s next for Gwen Stefani now that The Voice is over?

The new season of The Voice isn’t scheduled to start until the spring of 2023, so what’s next for Gwen Stefani?

Gwen and Blake have decided to devote their spare time away from the spotlight on their 1,300-acre ranch in Oklahoma. Family is important to both of the singer-songwriters, and Gwen has three sons with ex-husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

Blake Shelton recently interviewed with People Magazine about how important Gwen and his stepchildren are to him. The love of her husband over the years is no doubt another reason for Gwen’s glow.

Gwen Stefani is passionate about her vegan beauty line GXVE

Gwen’s GXVE Beauty line is how she gets her fierce looks to share with fans. She’s also a fierce defender of wildlife and doesn’t test her products on animals.

The sustainable makeup line claims bold colors free from animal byproducts. The vegan formula is allergy and environmentally friendly for sensitive skin.

The brand offers a variety of beauty and makeup products, including lip products in Gwen’s signature bright-red lip color.

Gwen’s GXVE Beauty line is also affordable, so you can buy one and gift one for the holidays. You can try GXVE Beauty at Sephora or shop online at the GXVE website.

Although The Voice is over for the season, I’m sure we will see more of Gwen’s iconic fine and fierce fashion statements in the coming months!

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