The Voice: Who won the Season 22 finale?

A close-up screen grab of The Voice finalist Brayden Lape singing into the microphone.
Brayden Lape performs in The Voice Season 22 finale. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice Season 22 finale wrapped up on Tuesday night, with the first hour recapping Monday night’s performances. Each artist had two songs to perform, showcasing their talent.

Kicking off the show was a recap of performances with Bodie singing Late Night Talking by Harry Styles. Bodie then came back for his final song of the season, singing a spiritual cover of Gratitude by Brandon Lake, showing he’s been the most diverse singer in the competition.

Next up was Morgan Myles performing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of The Heart. Morgan appeared excited to the point she was having trouble keeping her breath control moving around the stage. To make it to the finale show is a feat in itself, so good for her for having fun with it.

Morgan’s final performance of the season was Girl Crush by Little Big Town. She sang and played guitar for this performance, and it was such a great choice for her. Her coach, Camila Cabello, agreed that country was her style, and she does it in her own unique, authentic way.

Brayden Lape, the youngest performer left in the competition, sang a sleepy rendition of Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. He seems to be both with the amount of support he has from his community in Grass Lake, MI. Fans turned up for the finale in droves to watch him win. His Second song choice was a more heartfelt version of Wild as Her by Corey Kent for his final performance of the season.

After Brayden performance Omar Jose Cardona took the stage for his performance of Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. Omar, the consummate entertainer, used the whole set for his energetic performance giving Morgan a run for her money in that department last night. He seemed to be able to control his breath despite the choreography. Omar’s final performance of the season was Queen’s classic anthem, Somebody To Love. Omar has no chill and kept his performances high-energy classics. He ended last night’s show with a bang.

Bryce Leatherwood closed out the performance recaps with a subdued choice of Keith Whitley’s classic Don’t Close Your Eyes. Bryce’s final song of the season was an upbeat country classic by Travis Tritt, T.R.O.U.B.L.E., which was a whole other side of him this season. Bryce has kept it low-key this season with his smooth buttery style.

Bryce Leatherwood and Blake Shelton kick off the season finale’s results show

Tuesday’s live show was a lively kickoff thanks to Bryce and Blake Shelton’s performance of Blake’s honky-tonk hit, Hillbilly Bone. Coach Blake has three artists vying for the season trophy winner, Bryce, Bodie, and Brayden.

Blake performed again during the night with his other team members, Brayden and Bodie, with the country jam Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow and God’s Country.

Omar and John Legend kept the energy flowing with a soulful version of Stevie Wonder’s classic Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m yours.

Camila performed the coach-finalist duet with her final artist Morgan. They sang Camila’s hit song Never Be the Same for their duet moment.

The Voice Season 22 finale winner

Brayden Lape came in fifth place. The 16-year-old had a great season, although he has only been singing for a short time in his young life. Omar Jose Cardona kept it high energy all season, finishing in a respectable fourth-place position.

Carson Daly went on to announce the first-place winner.

And the winner is Bryce Leatherwood! Bryce gave Blake his ninth season win, coming in first place and collecting the Season 22 The Voice Trophy. Blake Shelton will return for his last season in the Spring of 2023.

The Voice returns for Season 23 in Spring 2023 on NBC.

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