Growing Up Hip Hop Rumors: Is Romeo done with the show?

Romeo Miller
The rumor is out there that Romeo Miller may have quit Growing up Hip Hop. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/XavierCollin

Romeo Miller has been a staple for WEtv’s Growing Up Hip Hop, being a cast member and one of the show’s executive producers but now, it has been reported that he may just be quitting the WEtv show.

Has Romeo Miller quit GUHH?

The Jasmine Brand has a source who says that Romeo may be quitting based on a disagreement with either production or the network. Romeo has been noticeably absent this season.

“Romeo or his father (Master P) would never go against their morals for any network,” the source says. “He hasn’t been on much this season and is focusing on his many businesses, career, and his love life with his new girlfriend.”

Romeo is a well-known rapper, actor, and tv host. His father, Master P, is the founder of New Orleans based hip hop label No Limit Records.

The source goes on to say, “Romeo has nothing against the cast. They’re just growing apart, and he would rather explore the truth, not a fake love triangle that the network is dragging out.”

Viewers have watched season after season of Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons go back and forth with whether or not to be in a relationship. Romeo said on the show this season that he is pretty much done with Angela.

Romeo is no longer acknowledging the show on his social media. He has not announced his plans to quit the show, however.

Damon Dash also has a problem with the show

If Romeo’s departure is true, it is a surprise but he’s not the only one that may be leaving Growing Up Hip Hop.  Romeo’s castmate, Damon Dash, has filed a lawsuit against WEtv over allegations that the network has forced his son, Boogie, to drink while filming the show.

This may mean that at least two castmembers may be leaving the show that has aired since 2016 and produced two spin-offs.

Damon claims that he had a verbal agreement with WEtv that they would make sure Boogie refrained from drinking on the show. Damon now says he has suffered “emotional distress” because of Boogie’s drinking.

Unfortunately, Boogie has had a substance abuse problem for a while. Viewers got to see his story complete with intervention and rehab.

Damon also says that he is still owed money for his participation in the show. WEtv hasn’t commented on the lawsuit. Damon, like Romeo, has stopped promoting the show on his social media.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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