Gino Palazzolo’s shady past behavior exposed by his ex-sugar baby, claims Jasmine Pineda harassed her

Gino and Jasmine
Gino’s past sugar baby gave a ton of information about Gino and Jasmine’s shady and wild behavior. Pic credit: TLC

Gino Palazzolo has quickly become one of the most popular new stars of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days but, as we get deeper into the season, fans are learning more about Gino’s past and just how volatile Jasmine can allegedly be.

The 90 Day Fiance podcast, The Fraudcast, interviewed Linzee Ryder, who explains her former sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship with Gino Palazzolo that reportedly began years ago and ended before he started talking to Jasmine.

The interview spilled a lot of tea about Gino’s shady behavior, alleged history of distributing revenge porn, and what he looks like underneath his hat. Jasmine and Linzee’s volatile communication was also detailed in the dramatic exposure.

Around the time that Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days aired, messages between Jasmine and Gino’s supposed former sugar baby started to circulate and even earned a bit of Before the 90 Days airtime. It was Linzee on the other side of those messages and now, she’s speaking out about her experience with Gino and Jasmine and she’s sharing how Gino tried to drag her into his drama with Jasmine too.

Scandalous information about Gino Palazzolo was given by his ex-sugar baby

During The Fraudcast interview, Linzee said that she met Gino on a sugar daddy/sugar baby site in or around 2015, and after their relationship ended, Gino continued to try and contact her.

She claimed that Gino was a creep and would send her pictures of himself with other girls, which continued through the filming of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. She said she would only respond to him when it involved him wanting to give her money.

“For a while, I was being nice and replying and he had some pictures of me still on his social media that I wanted him to take down,” Linzee explained “We were still kind of communicating at that point but he would send me pictures of himself with other girls and everything. As you saw on the one screenshot, he sent me a picture… somebody thought it was of me. It’s not me. It was him with another, I guess, sugar baby and basically bragging what he’s paying her.”

“This went on for years, up until they were shooting their show,” Linzee said while explaining how he continued to message her long after she stopped responding back.

Linzee asserted that Gino sent her naked pictures of Jasmine and other women that he dated in an effort to get her to react.

“So I just ignore him like usual but then I get a message on Instagram from [redacted] the producer saying that he wants to chat with me… that they’re taping this show and he’d love to talk with me or whatever,” Linzee explained. “The first thing I said is that I don’t want my name mentioned or any of my personal information but sure I’ll talk to you.”

Linzee ended up not taking part in the Before the 90 Days filming but some of her text message conversations with Jasmine definitely made it on air.

“I have seen him with his hat off. He looks much better with his hat on,” Linzee said. “I’m not trying to be… I’m being 100 percent serious I’m like not even trying to be funny. He looks a lot better with… so he doesn’t shave the hair that he has, he has a little bit of hair so he has that little bit of, you know, and he has, I think it’s called psoriasis, so I think that’s why he does the hat thing.”

And after the women talked a bit about scalp psoriasis, Linzee said, “And it’s a little misshapen too.”

Jasmine Pineda’s DM attack on Gino Palazzolo’s ex-sugar baby was highlighted in The Fraudcast interview

Linzee also detailed her dramatic interaction with Jasmine on social media before blocking her. Linzee said she messaged Jasmine to let her know that Gino was still trying to contact her.

Jasmine took total defense of Gino and Linzee claimed she launched a hardcore verbal assault on her that grew to a level of harassment. The DMs from this incident circulated around social media before the season even started but have largely been taken down.

Linzee stated that Jasmine hurled many different insults revolving around Linzee being old, including the phrase, “Old piece of meat” despite Linzee only being three years older than 34-year-old Jasmine.

“She started sending me a bunch of freaking pictures of herself and she’s like ‘I’m perfect, I’m… a reality star getting fame,” Linzee said.

“I had a lot of messages going off all at once and I was like ‘Chill out!'” she continued.

It was also pointed out that Linzee is an adult film actress and was repeatedly called a “w***e” by Jasmine despite Jasmine starting an OnlyFans which, it could be said, made for a double standard.

Linzee shared that she went on The Fraudcast to set the record straight and to tell her story in her own words rather than letting Gino, Jasmine, and 90 Day Fiance production use her screenshots for a storyline without speaking out.

You can listen to the full interview here.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Jasmine is an INSANE psych control freak! I can’t stand her, and hope Gino realizes what she is all about!

2 years ago

Gino gives me creepy Big Ed vibes

2 years ago

So if Gino is allegedly a creep, then him a Jasmine are a good match after all. They can live the “Jerry Springer Life” together. In my opinion, they are both dramatic nut bags.