Gil Cuero reveals his DMs are ‘still on fire’ after becoming a MAFS fan favorite

Gil Cuero
Gil Cuero appeared on the recent MAFS special with fellow alumni. Pic credit: @gilmeezy/Instagram

Gil Cuero became beloved by MAFS viewers after his appearance on Married at First Sight Season 13.

As a fan favorite, Gil was brought back for the recent Decision Day Dish special.

During the panel, Gil was asked about the love he receives online, and he gave an update on the many direct messages he receives.

Gil Cuero discusses his DMs on MAFS special

The latest episode of Married at First Sight invited an alumni panel to share their thoughts on the Boston couples. 

While many fans were annoyed by the finale delay, some were happy to see familiar faces return to the screen. In particular, Gil Cuero was a welcomed sight to MAFS viewers, who grew fond of him during his season of the show. 

During the episode, the host took a moment to stray away from discussing the Boston couples to get an update on Gil’s personal life. 

The host, Donna Rizzo, asked Gil, “How are the DMs doing?”

Gil revealed, “They are still on fire.” 

Gil’s DMs have often been a topic of discussion ever since the MAFS Season 13 reunion, where it was revealed that he and his wife Myrla Feria divorced. 

MAFS host Kevin Frasier expressed feeling confident that Gil would have a lot of women shooting their shots in his DMs since he was single again. 

Kevin Frasier’s prediction was correct, as Gil gained the most Instagram followers out of all his fellow MAFS Season 13 costars by leaps and bounds. Currently, Gil has 135k followers and has received an outpouring of messages and praise from men and women who admire how he conducted himself on MAFS. 

Along with revealing that his DMs are still as active as ever, Gil added that he has the messages under control. 

Gil shared, “But I have them under control. So I’m not backed up. I’m up to date.” 

Donna joked with Gil, saying, “Now you know, Gil said he’s up to date, so there’s room for more. 

Gil Cuero discusses comparisons between Myrla Feria and Jasmina Outar 

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency are one of the couples from this Boston season that have struggled with intimacy. 

Gil was asked about Jasmina and Michael on the alumni panel as he knows what it’s like to move slowly when it comes to marital intimacy due to his ex-wife Myrla.

Speaking on Jasmina and Michael, Gil shared, “It is kind of weird to be married to somebody and not cuddle. I think it’s definitely Jasmina that’s kind of, like, not there.”

Gil and the panel agreed that Michael needed to initiate and make a move on Jasmina so that she’d feel wanted and chased. 

Donna brought up Gil and Myrla’s relationship, saying, “So Gil, it took you and Myrla a while to actually cross that stage of intimacy. Do you think [Michael] should just go for it because that’s what they need for Decision Day?” 

Gil answered, “Yeah, I absolutely do feel that. I mean, I was patient with [Myrla] because she didn’t feel comfortable. But she did give me affection in different ways.” 

Time will tell if and when Gil enters a new relationship, as he still appears to have many women interested in him. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.  

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