Gil Cuero reveals he regrets doing MAFS, shares how fans make the experience worth it

Gil Cuero
Gil Cuero shares DM that makes him appreciate Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Gil Cuero became the breakout star of Married at First Sight Season 13 and he recently commented on the rewarding and the regretful parts of his MAFS experience. 

While Gil has gained nearly 125k followers and receives lots of daily praise, he also had to endure some heartbreak when his marriage to Myrla Feria abruptly came to an end. 

In a moment he can now look back on and laugh about, Gil was quite emotional during the MAFS reunion as he and Myrla announced that they had divorced just two weeks after Decision Day. 

At the time, Gil clearly was not over Myrla and was mourning the end of a marriage that he was fully committed to. 

During the Where Are They Now special, Gil revealed that he’d been going to therapy and really actively working on healing after the disappointing challenges from his MAFS experience. 

Since Gil didn’t get the lasting love story he’d hoped for when joining Married at First Sight, he admitted to sometimes feeling regret for being a part of the show, however, he also shared an example of the way fans encourage him and how that helps him view his MAFS experience more positively. 

Gil Cuero receives praise for conducting himself with kindness 

Gil Cuero took to his Instagram stories to share an encouraging DM he received. 

A fan messaged Gil writing, “Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. My brother had a chance meeting with you today. Just a simple thanks and fist bump but your kindness made his day. He has been going through some ‘life things’ and sorting it all out. Your kindness made the difference in his day.” 

Gil replied back to the message writing, “You’re very welcome! I can only imagine. I’m glad I could bring him a moment of joy even if it was for a second or two.” 

Gil Cuero’s fans help him not regret his MAFS experience 

Along with sharing the DM, Gil wrote a message of his own on the story.

Gil wrote, “I get asked all the time if I regret doing MAFS. 9 times out of ten I want to say yes even if I did give it my all but messages like this makes me appreciate it.” 

Gil Cuero IG story
Pic credit: @gilmeezy/Instagram

As Gil continues on into his next chapter post-MAFS, it seems he’s built up a lifelong group of supporters who encourage him, which helps make the MAFS journey worthwhile. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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