Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist making up for lost time with nightly dinner dates after The Golden Bachelor wedding

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner hit up a New Jersey diner
Theresa Nist is getting nostalgic about diners with Gerry Turner. Pic credit: @theresanist/Instagram

The Golden Bachelor wedding is over and now it’s time for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist to settle into their life together.

The pair were temporarily separated after the big Bachelor Nation wedding when Theresa went home to New Jersey and Gerry headed for Indiana.

But that was short-lived because Gerry made the long drive to New Jersey with his dog, Cody, to be with his new bride.

The pair previously talked about moving to South Carolina after exchanging vows, as it was a place Gerry had always been interested in and Theresa has a son who lives there.

That plan seems to have changed though, because Gerry announced right before the wedding that he’s heavily considering New Jersey after falling in love with The Garden State.

He said he thinks the state is beautiful and he really likes how close to the ocean it is.

It looks like that may be the plan now too, because Gerry is there with Theresa and they’ve been keeping busy in the days since his arrival.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are eating good

When Gerry first got to New Jersey, Theresa greeted him with a home-cooked meal.

Ever since, they’ve been on a food tour as Theresa showed her new husband all the hot spots her New Jersey town has to offer.

The latest was an Italian spot called Trama’s Trattoria in Long Branch, New Jersey, where the couple dined on fancy salads, pasta, and tiramisu for dessert.

Theresa shared several photos and even a video of Gerry enjoying his rigatoni. She captioned the post, writing, “making up for the time we couldn’t be together in public by eating out as much as possible! just had an incredible meal at Trama’s, where the chef pampered us with delicious artichoke salad, burrata salad, 🤌🏻 haha (I am 100% Italian you know), fluke francese, rigatoni, and my favorite, and now Gerry’s favorite, tiramisu served affogato style. had such a wonderful date night with my husband! Trama’s may be the reason Gerry stays in New Jersey. thank you Trama’s!!”

Just a day before the stop at Trama’s, Theresa took Gerry to a local diner so they could recreate their diner date from The Golden Bachelor.

There, they dined on breakfast foods and took selfies that looked awfully similar to their one-on-one date where the pair bonded over being widowed.

Again, Theresa shared several photos including one of Gerry posing with his huge plate of food and another with some fans that recognized them in the diner.

She captioned the photo share, “a diner date is part of our story… so, I had to bring Gerry to a New Jersey diner. (we are kinda famous for them here!) eggs, bacon and pancakes (for him), a spinach, feta cheese omelet and a fruit cup for much fun meeting new and old friends!”

Faith Martin is moving on after The Golden Bachelor

While Gerry and Theresa are eating their way around New Jersey, Faith Martin has also been active on social media.

She recently took to Instagram to show off her impressive vocals while belting out Melissa Etheridge’s classic, I’m The Only One, which The Golden Bachelor fans couldn’t stop raving about.

It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t showcase more of her smoky voice on the ABC hit because she really has some talent and we had no idea she was so good!

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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