The Golden Bachelor fans gush over Faith Martin’s performance: ‘Gerry could have never handled her’

Faith Martin shares a selfie wearing sunglasses and a hat
Faith Martin is proving she was way too much for Gerry Turner to handle. Pic credit: @faithsmartin/Instagram

Faith Martin had her heart broken on The Golden Bachelor.

She was sent home after the Hometown Dates and after Gerry Turner dropped the “L” word.

It was a shocking move for The Golden Bachelor viewers to see play out and it was dragged over two episodes.

We only learned that Faith was the woman to go home at the Women Tell All where the cliffhanger rose ceremony finished airing and then Gerry sat down to face Faith for the first time since the surprise elimination.

While Faith seemed to be a frontrunner on the latest Bachelor Nation spinoff, she was always very edgy and possibly too much for Gerry Turner.

At least that’s what viewers are saying now that he picked the much quieter Theresa Nist and Faith has continued wowing fans with her incredible talent.

Faith Martin covers Melissa Etheridge song to show off great talent

As Gerry and Theresa enjoy dining all over New Jersey, Faith Martin has been putting on a show — on Instagram anyway.

On Tuesday, she took to social media with a performance of Melissa Etheridge’s I’m The Only One that has her followers fangirling hard.

She looked gorgeous in a glittery pink tank top and black slacks while holding a tambourine in one hand and a microphone in the other.

Her smoky voice was perfect as she belted out the powerful ballad.

In the caption, Faith wrote, “Usually only do this one with the full band! Kind of fun to whip it out in the Acoustic Duo! Haha.”

The comments section proved that Faith Martin’s followers are very impressed with her vocals. But it was this comment about Gerry Turner that caught our eye and it looks like plenty are in agreement too.

It said, “Gerry could have never handled her.”

Someone replied to it and agreed, writing, “Never!” followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

Yet another chimed in, also in agreement, writing, “My thoughts exactly” with a smiley face emoji.

Comments from Faith Martin's Instagram
Pic credit: @faithsmartin/Instagram

Gerry and Theresa have reunited in New Jersey after The Golden Bachelor wedding

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s wedding was a huge hit with several The Golden Bachelor cast members (and quite a few from Bachelor Nation) in attendance.

It didn’t quite go down without a hitch, with Theresa having an issue with her dress and Susan Noles having a hard time getting the rings untied during the ceremony but that was all minor and the event was gorgeous.

Faith Martin was there along with Leslie Fhima, Kathy Swarts, and several other familiar faces.

After the big day was over, Gerry headed back to Indiana and Theresa went to New Jersey.

It took a few days for them to reunite but Gerry recently revealed that he made the long drive from Indiana to New Jersey to be with Theresa in Shewsbury.

It looks like they may be staying there too. After initially talking about a move to South Carolina, Gerry revealed right before their wedding that he’s starting to fall in love with New Jersey and may just settle in with Theresa in her home state.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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