Geoffrey Paschel trial: The defense was denied mistrial request

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel’s attorney requested that the judge declare a mistrial. Pic credit: TLC

The prosecution of former 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member Geoffrey Paschel almost ended in a mistrial when the victim in the case, Kristen Wilson-Chapman, let something slip that she shouldn’t have.

Geoffrey was found guilty yesterday of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, and interference with an emergency call.

The incident happened on June 9, 2019, and it took the jury less than two hours to return the guilty verdict. Kristen took the stand as did her neighbor, whose house she ran to for help, and a responding police officer with bodycam footage also testified.

Geoffrey himself also took the witness stand in his defense.

Geoffrey Paschel’s attorney requested a mistrial

While she was on the stand, Kristen claimed that she had pictures on her phone that Geoffrey deleted of previous marks that he had inflicted on her.

Geoffrey’s defense attorney immediately objected and the judge called for the jurors to step out.

Geoffrey’s attorney then made his argument that Kristen volunteered 404b evidence, which is bringing up prior bad acts, and that that was grounds for a mistrial.

He asserted, “That bell cannot be unrung” and that the jury was unfairly tainted against his client.

He implored the court for a mistrial because Kristen’s statement ruins Geoffrey’s presumption of innocence.

Instead of calling to have an entirely new trial as a result of the claim made by Kristen, the judge instructed the jury to disregard what Kristen said.

Geoffrey Paschel trial
Geoffrey’s defense lawyer called for a mistrial. Pic credit: CourtTV/YouTube

Geoffrey Paschel’s sentencing date

Now convicted, Geoffrey faces 8-30 years just for the aggravated kidnapping charge in Tennessee. His sentencing date has been set for December 3, 2021. He was remanded to the custody of the state of Tenessee and taken away in handcuffs at the conclusion of the trial.

While on 90 Day Fiance, Geoffrey admitted to spending a few years in jail due to dealing drugs, so he is no stranger to being behind bars.

Geoffrey has four children and reportedly four ex-wives.

His relationship with Varya Malina from Before the 90 Days is speculated to still be ongoing. The pair have posted separate stories to Instagram which appear to be in the same place. Varya deactivated her Instagram after the verdict.

Sentencing for the Geoffrey Paschel trial will be conducted on December 3.

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2 years ago

of course he was, thats american justice! duh!

and here we have it folks… classic case of he said she said. it appears he has a nice welt himself. clearly two were tangoing and there is no other 3rd party evidence to say otherwise. losing a fight does not constitute these types of charges and sentences being imposed upon the one and only “winner”. it is common practice for jealous american women to use the poor victim damsel in distress ruse to ruin and get “their” men thrown in prison on bogus offenses. the prime example epitome of why we never ever, ever, date or marry 21st century american women. fierce independence and “justice” exclusively at white males expense. this poor sap will be sending the next decade, at least, behind bars.. meanwhile “african american” street gang thug murderers are getting manslaughter reductions out in 3-5. welcome to kangaroo court equality and freedom usa! usa! usa!