Geoffrey Paschel trial: Prosecution claims ‘inconsistencies’ in 90 Day Fiance star’s statements, text messages questioned

Geoffrey Paschel
A proffer was called before the jury trial of Geoffrey Paschel’s kidnapping and domestic violence case. Pic credit: TLC

Day 2 of Geoffrey Paschel’s trial for aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault started with a proffer to determine the admissibility of alleged text messages that his ex-fiancee Kristen Wilson-Chapman sent to him.

It also addressed alleged inconsistent statements from Geoffrey regarding a separate case’s depositions.

Kristen Wilson-Chapman was referred to as Kristen Wilson during the trial.

A proffer is conducted to offer evidence in support of an argument or elements of an affirmative defense or offense. In this case, it was done without the jury present.

The prosecution was questioning the admissibility of text messages said to have been sent between Geoffrey and Kristen after the alleged domestic assault incident and also addressed issues about Geoffrey’s depositions in a separate case.

The incident that this criminal case is based on occurred on June 9, 2019, where Kristen alleges that Geoffrey violently assaulted her and took her keys and electronic devices so that she could not call for help or leave. Photos of injuries she reportedly suffered right after the alleged assault and how those injuries evolved were also shown to the jury.

Geoffrey denies any responsibility for Kristen’s injuries and claims that she was overly intoxicated and injured herself.

Day 1 of the trial included opening statements, police bodycam footage, and testimony from Kristen Wilson-Chapman, Kristen’s neighbor Lauren Gouge who called the police for her, and the police officer who had the bodycam.

The prosecution’s aim during the proffer was to find ways to try and discredit Geoffrey’s testimony with evidence from previous depositions in a separate civil case against him. The defense tried to combat the points made by the prosecution before the evidence went before a jury.

The admissibility of Geoffrey Paschel’s text messages from Kristen Wilson-Chapman was discussed

Geoffrey took the stand and the prosecution tried to determine the authenticity of text messages he alleges were sent by Kristen Wilson after the June 9th incident.

The text messages that Geoffrey screen-shotted, and which he claims were sent by Kristen, read:

Sept 13, 2019: “Hi happy belated birthday its been so long I’ve really missed you.”

Sept 18, 2019: “I really feel bad about everything Geoffrey. I think things have gone too far and I’m too deep in, I’m not sure how to make things right with you.”

Sept 19, 2019: “Was really looking forward to seeing you today” — after a court date was canceled, according to Geoffrey.

Sept 29, 2019: “Hey sorry for the late text I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I feel like I’m just settling with everything.”

Oct 8, 2019: “Really wish you wouldn’t ignore me.”

He reportedly did not respond because he thought he was being set up, as there was a pending order of protection.

An October 10, 2019 message was muted by Court TV and the contents of the message were not shown on screen.

Nov 17, 2019: “You should have responded to me this is your fault by acting like you’re above me. I told you not to leave me. All you had to do was take care of me. This has blown up and now I can’t stop it. In fact, I don’t really want to now. I’ll do everything I can for you not to lose Kaven.” Kaven is Geoffrey’s six-year-old son with his ex-wife.

Nov 17, 2019, continued, “Good luck proving everything. Erase all the pics and texts and I’ll tell the truth.”

Dec 22nd, 2019: “Got you now! You should have never messed with me.”

Geoffrey also stated he didn’t respond to any of those messages because he thought he was being set up.

Kristen contends that she never sent any of the text messages and voluntarily offered her phone for forensic analysis but the results were inconclusive.

The prosecution in the Geoffrey Paschel trial brought up depositions from a civil trial

Geoffrey’s prior civil custody case with his ex-wife was brought up because of some things he claimed during depositions. The prosecution was trying to take aim at his credibility.

Geoffrey said that he didn’t recall anything that he said in those depositions.

Geoffrey stated that he began his relationship with Kristen in December of 2017. The prosecution confronted him with statements that he made during a deposition on January 9th, 2019 where he reportedly said that he and Kristen were just friends.

The prosecution also confronted him with statements he made on May 17th, 2019, less than a month before the incident. He was asked during the deposition to provide texts between him and Kristen and said that that he deletes his texts daily and said that he doesn’t talk to her anymore.

The authenticity of the texts was called into question as was Geoffrey’s allegedly inconsistent statements but ultimately the judge decided that the jury should hear all of it and allowed the texts to be brought up.

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2 years ago

and here we have it folks… classic case of he said she said. it appears he has a nice welt himself. clearly two were tangoing and there is no other 3rd party evidence to say otherwise. losing a fight does not constitute these types of charges and sentences being imposed upon the one and only “winner”. it is common practice for jealous american women to use the poor victim damsel in distress ruse to ruin and get “their” men thrown in prison on bogus offenses. the prime example epitome of why we never ever, ever, date or marry 21st century american women. fierce independence and “justice” exclusively at white males expense. this poor sap will be sending the next decade, at least, behind bars.. meanwhile “african american” street gang thug murderers are getting manslaughter reductions out in 3-5. welcome to kangaroo court equality and freedom usa! usa! usa! pathetic.

Agent Gopher
Agent Gopher
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hi, Geoffrey! Guess you’re going to lock-up!