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Genny Shawcross talks Love Island USA controversy with bestie Shannon

Genny and Leslie on Love Island USA
Genny and Leslie on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Genny Shawcross showed up at Casa Amor on Love Island USA and turned a lot of heads.

She hooked up with Jeremy Hershberg and came back as part of the villa, and that is where things got out of hand.

Genny and Shannon St. Clair were real-life friends from back home, and both had a history with millionaire Dave Portnoy a few months back. When Shannon saw Genny, she was not happy, and that is when the problems really started.

Genny responds to Shannon controversy

When Jeremy chose Genny, Shannon seemed shocked and said, “That poor boy.”

The producers also made sure to show the scenes where Genny and Josh Goldstein were kissing during the competition at Casa Amor.

Genny wasn’t happy about this portrayal, as it was during a challenge. Remember, Shannon gave a steamy lapdance and kissed another guy as well.

Genny took to her Instagram Stories to respond to the controversy.

“Everyone’s talking about how I kissed my bestie’s man,” Genny wrote. “Are y all seeming to forget that it was during a challenge?”

“They literally set us up as the girl with the longest name and the shortest guy because they knew I would never have kissed Josh if they didn’t literally make me lol.”

Genny says Love Island USA did her dirty

There was a lot more controversy on Love Island USA, and it got so bad that Leslie Golden left the island in a self-elimination.

Genny ended up getting voted off after a mixture of a fan vote and Islander decisions.

Genny said the show tried to make her look bad from the start.

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“First of all they completely edited my promo to make me look bad so it’s obvious that they were purposely trying to use me for drama from the start,” she wrote.

“Second of all the whole ‘social media talk’ is such a false narrative. It seemed like that’s all me and Leslie talked about because apparently, that’s all they showed. Like I said I had so many convos about my interests, my feelings on how it’s so important to be a social justice activist, how I just graduated college with the highest honors, etc.”

She then finished by putting Love Island USA producers on blast.

“None of that fit into their narrative so they didn’t show any of those parts of me,” Genny said. “Bottom line: Love Island producers did me dirty and I’m glad a lot of you are seeing that.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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