Genevieve Shawcross says Love Island USA ‘mentally hurt her,’ ready to move on

Genny Shawcross from Love Island USA
Genny Shawcross from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @genny.shawcross/Instagram

When Genevieve Shawcross arrived on Love Island USA, she brought all the drama.

Genny knew Shannon St. Clair in real life and brought some of her past drama to the show, which turned many of the OG Islanders against her instantly.

She hooked up with Jeremy Hershberg and stuck around long enough to have one or two explosive fights with Shannon, who she called her bestie.

After leaving the show, Genny and Shannon had another blow-up and now Shawcross wants to move on from Love Island USA and not talk about it anymore.

Genny says Love Island USA mentally hurt her

Genny Shawcross was one of the youngest members of the Love Island USA Season 3 crowd.

At only 22, she came in with less real-life experience than most of the others and her fellow Islanders pointed out that they considered her immature at times.

She seemed obsessed with her social media status and many of her conversations veered to the raunchy.

However, Genny is now saying the show “mentally hurt” her.

“Some people have been asking why I’m not posting Love Island stuff anymore,” she wrote on her Instagram Live Stories, “I just don’t really have anything to post or say! But I also want to move on because it really hurt me mentally.”

The picture featured was the girls coming out for their striptease challenge.

Genny Shawcross IG
Pic credit: @genny.shawcross/Instagram

Genny after Love Island USA

Genny Shawcross left Love Island USA after she faced elimination and Jeremy chose not to bother saving her.

Genny went home and Jeremy stuck around and made it to the finals, where he finished third with Bailey Marshall.

After she left, Genny made some comments that angered Shannon, especially when she claimed that Josh Goldstein was using his sister Lindsey’s death for social media cred.

Shannon instantly ended any future friendship with Genny after that.

“Genny has said disgusting things regarding Josh’s sister’s death and how ‘annoying it was that he got followers from his sister passing,’” Shannon wrote.

Genny claimed, “What Shannon and Josh said about me is completely untrue which is why I decided to cut Shannon off after I thought we were both good.”

Regardless of the truth, Genny had more drama on Love Island USA Season 3 than just about anyone and she is ready to stop talking about it.

Love Island USA Season 3 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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