Genevieve Parisi claps back at shocking hate comments post Bachelor in Paradise

Gen Parisi
Genevieve Parisi has a message for the haters in her DMs. Pic credit: ©

If there’s one thing that Bachelor in Paradise viewers know about Genevieve Parisi, it’s that she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

Especially against her online trolls nowadays.

Although BIP has finished airing its most recent season, some viewers have still felt the need to reach out to contestants with harsh criticism of what they saw on their television screens.

Over the weekend, the former Season 8 contestant took to her Instagram Stories to share a recent direct message she had received from a viewer who felt the need to bash her appearance on BIP.

In a follow-up post, Genevieve said that she wanted to hopefully prevent others from sending hate messages to strangers by sharing her thoughts on the matter.

She said that in the past, receiving hateful messages from online “trolls” used to hurt her and make her start judging herself.

Genevieve Parisi claps back at hate comments post Bachelor in Paradise

However, Genevieve said that she is now able to brush off the harmful comments and even laugh them off.

“Now it usually makes me laugh because some of the messages are so absurd,” she wrote. “And when you think about it, it’s really sad how unhappy those people are to get to that point. So i feel pretty lucky.”

Genevieve Parisi's post
Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

Genevieve finished her post by thanking her fans and kindhearted followers for their sweet comments, as opposed to the ones she receives on the other side of the spectrum.

What kind of hateful DMs did Genevieve Parisi receive?

To give her followers an insight into some of the hateful messages she still receives daily, Genevieve uploaded a screenshot from another Instagram user.

The photo saw the user writing Genevieve messages such as, “Sorry ugly get more fillers maybe,” “You’re a hypocrite and everyone has told you so many times,” “I can’t stop laughing at your fakeness,” and “You’re a joke of a women and I hope to see you cry on the next episode.”

Hateful messages Genevieve received
Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

The critic continued to refer to Genevieve with harmful terms, tell her that she ruined the show, and claim that “nobody wanted her” on Bachelor in Paradise.

While Genevieve did leave the beach single, she had a strong relationship with contestant Aaron Clancy throughout most of the season.

However, recent claims have come out that Aaron had two women waiting for him back home while he was filming the show in June, which Genevieve believes is the reason he broke things off so quickly with her at the end of the season.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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