Genevieve Parisi claims Aaron Clancy had 2 girls back home, Aaron responds

Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy
Genevieve clears up the rumors that Aaron had two girlfriends back home. Pic credit: ABC

The drama has surely not stopped for Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy post-Paradise.

While the two appeared to be headed toward a proposal on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, their constant fighting eventually led them to break up at the end of Season 8 — or so it seemed.

Their rollercoaster relationship seemed to have finally settled during the show’s reunion, where the two were able to somewhat make amends and take accountability for their actions.

However, after the two-part finale event aired just last week, Genevieve found out that Aaron had two girlfriends before going on BIP who were waiting for him to return home from the show — something she said she didn’t know at the reunion.

Something felt off to Genevieve when Aaron broke up with her at the end of Paradise, which she said made sense once she found out about his relationships back home.

Genevieve recently appeared on the Almost Famous podcast, where she addressed the rumors that have been swirling about Aaron, and in defense, Aaron took to his own Instagram to give his statement on those who have commented about the situation.

Genevieve Parisi clears up relationship rumors about Aaron Clancy

While speaking with hosts and Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, Genevieve said that finding out about Aaron’s girls back home made her understand why he was so sudden to end things with her right before they finished filming.

“I’m so happy this stuff came out because I have clarity now,” she said about the situation.

Genevieve also clarified that the two girls weren’t just acquaintances of Aaron’s and that he had relationships with them both for roughly nine months.

Aaron is allegedly back with one of the women today, but Genevieve took it into her own hands to privately message the other woman that he is no longer seeing. She confirmed to Genevieve that Aaron had lied to them both and said that the other was just a “friend” before telling them both he would come back single after the show.

Swipe right below to hear clips from her podcast appearance and Aaron’s response:

Aaron Clancy gives a response to Bachelor in Paradise commenters

While he didn’t pinpoint Genevieve’s podcast appearance specifically in his Instagram Story video, Aaron’s follow-up message came right after the episode was released.

“It’s really funny cause people love to talk online, people love to gossip, people love to whatever, and, if you’re not in the situation, you don’t know for sure what the f**k is happening,” he said.

He went on to bash online commenters who have been posting incorrect information and getting involved in a situation that they aren’t a part of.

“Know that if you’re not for sure involved, you don’t actually know what’s happening. Understand that,” he continued.

Due to the current rumors and claims coming about Aaron’s relationships back home, it can be assumed he was most likely addressing that situation in his video.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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