Gary Shirley updates Teen Mom OG fans on stepdad Jody’s COVID-19 recovery

Gary Shirley gives update on stepfather Jody
Teen Mom OG’s Gary Shirley gives an update on stepfather Jody’s recovery from coronavirus / Pic credit: @itsgarytime

Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley has good news. He shared an update with fans, saying that both his mother Carol and his stepfather Jody are recovering from the coronavirus.

Monsters & Critics previously reported that Carol and Jody were both diagnosed with COVID-19.

Carol likely caught the virus at work as her job takes place in a senior care facility. After she got sick, Jody soon fell ill, too.

Unfortunately, Jody’s case was worse than Carol’s. He needed to be admitted to the hospital.

About a week ago, Gary updated fans with Jody’s hospital journey. This began when he was first hospitalized with COVID-19 on May 13, 2020.

Jody is on the path to recovery after being diagnosed with COVID-19

Gary wrote, “[Jody’s] health continued to decline quickly within the first few days of being admitted. They tried different breathing machines, new COVID-19 drug trials, plasma transfusions, and antibiotics until the Doctors had exhausted all their options for Jody.”

By May 16, Jody not only had trouble breathing, but he was also experiencing 106-degree fevers. He was placed on a ventilator while being in a drug-induced coma. After being on the ventilator for nearly two weeks, Jody was taken off the machine, according to Gary.

“He is only on 2 liters of oxygen [through] a nose cannula and following simple commands… He has a long road of recovery which will involve physical therapy,” he reported.

Gary concluded the post by telling fans how much he appreciated them.

“Thank you ALL for your continued prayers, support, and love for my mom, Jody, and our family,” he stated.

Gary and his mother Carol both thank fans for their continued prayers for Jody

Gary’s mother Carol also wrote a post with more details regarding Jody. At the time, Jody was still running a fever and he was taking a new antibiotic. The medical professionals were also talking about therapy.

Carol revealed that, at the time, Gary was “not out of the woods,” but thanked fans for continued prayers.

A previous season of Teen Mom OG revealed that Jody is not Gary’s biological father. Nevertheless, the two remain very close.

He emphasized that Jody is a crucial part of his life and his kid’s lives.

At this point, Gary asks fans to continue to pray for Jody’s recovery.

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