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Former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood gets help finding men as he scours Tinder with his grandma

Colton Underwood on The Bachelor
Colton Underwood is getting some dating help from his grandma. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood got some unexpected help finding love as scoured the dating app Tinder alongside his grandmother. The former reality star, who came out as gay during an interview on Good Morning America, shared the video on his Instagram page and the cute exchange is coming up on almost a half-million views.

In the short clip, Underwood sat at a table with his Nana, who added her own commentary regarding whom he should swipe right on as a potential love match. Swiping right on Tinder means you are interested in the person and they could be a potential match.

Underwood said in the caption, “My nana is picky, honest and blunt. but after we stopped filming she said ‘I’m not going to let you settle, you deserve the best and i want someone to make you very happy.’ We all need a nana in our lives,” he said thankfully.

In the clip, the former reality star had a bowl of cereal in front of him and was dressed casually in a t-shirt with a backward baseball cap atop his head. He held his phone as showed his Nana the men he was interested in and she provided her commentary at the kitchen table.

“No, no, how old is he?” she said as Underwood laughed. Whatever she saw on the screen was enough to embarrass Underwood’s grandmother, who laughed at several of the images that popped up on her grandson’s phone.

There were a couple of times she answered “maybe” but it appeared she was just looking out for Underwood’s best interests and did not want him with a man who was too much older than he.

Colton Underwood’s emotional journey thus far

After a troubling past with his former Bachelor finalist Cassie Randolph, Underwood came out as gay in a revealing interview with Robin Roberts, which aired on the ABC network in April.

“I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time,” Underwood told Roberts. “And I’m gay. And I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it. And the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know.”

“I’m still nervous, but yeah,” he continued. “It’s been a journey for sure.”

The ex-Bachelor star hopes to change lives

Underwood was hopeful that his coming out would help others who were in a place in their lives where they questioned their sexuality. He said he’s had “a range of responses” to his coming out and the “underlying, most common one” has been they wish he’d told them sooner, including his dad.

“And when I hear that, I wish I would have had faith in my friends and my family a little bit more,” he said. “The only reason I’m sitting down with you today is that I have the love and the support of my friends and my family.”

Underwood is currently working with the charity called Inspiring Fitness which he founded two years ago to help those struggling with cystic fibrosis.

During a 6-week activity challenge and fundraiser, participants are encouraged to get moving and walk, run, bike, or embark on any other type of physical fitness activity. As part of the campaign, Underwood encouraged his followers to fundraise to support the group’s mission of serving people living with cystic fibrosis.

Participants are asked to connect an activity tracker to the Inspiring Fitness app to keep a record of their movements. Those who generate the greatest number of contributions have the chance to win fitness equipment, food, and other items which can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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