Former Dancing with the Stars host doesn’t watch the show anymore

Erin Andrews on Fox football
Erin Andrews previously hosted Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: Fox

Dancing with the Stars made major changes a couple of seasons ago when ABC fired Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews and replaced them with Tyra Banks.

Both Erin and Tom have said they are happy to have moved on, although there were some hard feelings when they were fired.

Now, one of the former hosts has said she won’t even watch the show anymore.

Erin Andrews doesn’t watch Dancing with the Stars anymore

Erin Andrews moved on from Dancing with the Stars and became a top sports reporter.

She works as the Fox sideline reporter for one of their biggest games each week. She also makes sure to watch Monday Night Football every week, which is on the same time as Dancing with the Stars.

However, in an interview with the Token CEO podcast, she also admitted that she flips channels during the game to watch another reality show — just not Dancing with the Stars.

“I actually don’t watch the show. I have Monday Night Football on on Monday nights,” Erin said. “Also, The Voice is amazing, so I watch Monday Night Football and click back and forth to The Voice.”

The fact that she will still take time to follow The Voice instead of Dancing with the Stars speaks volumes.

Erin Andrews has said that she is happy to be away from DWTS, even though she said it made her feel like a “loser” when they fired her and Tom.

“I feel like the one thing I’ve learned in this business it’s like — that’s show business, right? That’s Hollywood,” Erin said. “They’re always trying to change things and look, they wanted to go a different and a new direction and obviously, it’s working for them and how they wanted the show to go, so my best to them.”

Erin did have a favorite in DWTS Season 30

While Erin Andrews didn’t watch Dancing with the Stars Season 30, she did have someone she was pulling for and wanted to win.

“I love the dancers so much,” Erin said. “I’m super bummed I missed Cody [Rigsby] this year because I’m a big Peloton girl.”

At the end of the day, Erin said she loved her time on Dancing with the Stars, but it was a different show when she was on it.

“Tom and I will always be attached at the hip and super, super close as well. It’s hard. The people that were there when the show was so great, they will always be my family,” Erin said. “I love [Tom] so much.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus, and the next season should return to ABC in late 2022.

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