Farrah Abraham trying to profit off Teen Mom Family Reunion by hosting paid watch party for upcoming episode

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham to host Teen Mom Family Reunion watch party. Pic credit: ©

Farrah Abraham strikes again. But this time, she is in the news because she has put out her own money-making idea and plan.

What is Farrah’s money-making plan?

According to Instagram, Farrah has decided to host her own watch party for the next episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion. It’s called Welcome to Farrah-Dise: Watch Along with Farrah.

The catch—viewers have to pay to attend. Probably not as much as you would think, though.

If you want to watch the February 1st episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion with Farrah, you can choose from two different options.

What are the two different viewing options?

The cheapest option is called General admission, and it includes the ability to watch the live-streamed episode, the chance to chat and give feedback, and photo opportunities. To join in on with this choice, the cost is a mere $1.

The second tiered option has the name Front row admission and includes all of the items that General admission does, plus the additional front row access and a chance to go onstage (aka ask her whatever question you want face-to-face), as well as “receive a promo code for 50% off of a cameo from Farrah herself.”

Why would fans want to watch?

Not quite sure why the prices are so low for this entertainment and to join Farrah on Farrah-Dise, but viewers might just want to join for the fun of it and to see what this is all about.

Others may want to buy one of the options to laugh at the absurdity of it all or to see just want Farrah might say about the Teen Mom Family Reunion show and all of the girls on it.

This attention-getter, money-making event held by Farrah can be yours if you’re willing to shell out one dollar or eight to attend.

Instagram posts about this on @teenmomchatter and says, “#FarrahAbraham is offering people to pay to attend a virtual viewing of next weeks episode with of #TeenMomFamilyReunion. Not going to lie, it’s almost worth paying a dollar to hear her reactions to how the cast reacted to her…anyone willing to take one for the team? LOL #TeenMom #TeenMomOG #FormerCast.

Farrah must truly be hard-up for money at this point; that, or she must really need the attention…or she just wants yet another platform to bash MTV and the Teen Mom franchise to get back at them for firing her.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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