Family friend says MAFS star Emily Balch had surgery after bloody accident

MAFS star Emily Balch
Emily Balch suffered a serious injury. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight has kept fans in suspense about Emily Balch’s condition after she suffered a scary accident in the last episode.

However, a family friend recently revealed that it was a severe injury that required more than one surgery.

The woman came to Emily’s defense after someone on social media claimed that the blood from her head injury appeared to be a hot pink color instead of red.

Several people jumped on the bandwagon and tried to claim that the blood appeared fake, but Emily’s injuries were nothing to joke about.

MAFS Season 16 alum Nicole Thielk saw the conversation on Instagram and chided the naysayers for making accusations that the accident was staged for TV.

She noted that viewers will understand the gravity of Emily’s accident once the new episode airs.

A friend of Emily Balch’s family says she needed surgery after her accident

Emily is most likely reading the crude comments about her accident and is unable to defend herself.

However, someone claiming to be a family friend recently chimed in on an Instagram post and put a stop to the claims her injuries were fake.

An Instagram user by the name @sparklyria31082 responded, saying, “It’s completely real I know her family. I saw real photos a while ago.”

She noted that it has now been a year since the accident happened and that the MAFS star required “more than one surgery,” one of which lasted “3 hours.”

She also noted that Emily was “not able to work because of the injury.”

Emily Balch's family friend speaks out
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

MAFS Episode 17 will show the aftermath of Emily’s accident

Episode 17, titled Crash and Bond, is only a few days away, and after viewers were left with a cliffhanger, we’ll finally see the aftermath of Emily’s bloody accident.

Emily was rushed to the hospital accompanied by her husband Brennan, who was extremely concerned about her condition, and rightfully so.

The accident occurred on the second day of the couples retreat after Brennan and Emily went on an excursion without the other couples.

So far, their castmates are not yet aware of what has happened during the outdoor adventure, so the new episode will show their reaction to Emily’s hospitalization.

As for how things are going with the others, things started rocky with Becca and Austin, who had another failed attempt at consummating their marriage.

Clare, Lauren, and Orion are also on the retreat despite no longer being part of a couple, and things are already tense between the latter two.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Michael and Chloe have returned from their honeymoon and will join their costars in the upcoming episode.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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