Exclusive Interview: Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald talks Season 4, Jason and Christine’s pregnancy

Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald dishes on Season 4 and her relationships with the other women. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset has officially been renewed for two more seasons on Netflix.

The docu-soap takes viewers to the most high-end homes in Los Angeles and into the lives of the gorgeous agents that sell them.

While the aesthetic of luxury real estate attracted fans, it’s the drama that keeps viewers hooked.

Monsters & Critics recently spoke with fan-favorite realtor Mary Fitzgerald on favoritism in the office, Jason, and her relationships with the other agents.

Mary talks about Jason and favoritism in the office

It’s no secret that Jason and Mary have a romantic history. While it’s clear their friendship has deep roots, some agents in the office would call it favoritism.

“The girls say that, I think it’s almost like a cop-out,” she explains. “If you ask any brokerage if they just give their agents listings, they would be like – what are you talking about? Why would Jason just give away money?”

While Mary does admit she is his favorite – that doesn’t mean he’s giving away deals.

“I actually work for myself, Jason doesn’t just give me listings – he actually makes more money off of me more than I make money off of him,” she told Monsters & Critics. “He obviously gets a cut of all our deals.”

She also mentioned that one of her connections should be bringing in “one of the biggest deals the brokerage has ever done.”

Concluding, she states, “He will reward people that will do stuff like that.”

She also dishes on her relationships with her fellow agents

Since wrapping up Season 3, she tells Monsters & Critics that she’s still very close with co-stars Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae Young, and Amanza Smith.

As far as her relationship with Christine Quinn, she says, “We’re fine – I think.”

Christine recently blasted her fellow Selling Sunset co-stars on TikTok for not liking her pregnancy announcement on Instagram. However, Mary made sure to mention she sent the mom-to-be a voice text when she found out about her pregnancy.

“As far as I knew and I’m as far as I’m aware, we were okay, we just don’t really talk that much. We’re both just leading our own lives in COVID times.” Apart from the congratulatory text, Mary admits that was the most the two had talked in the last six months.

With the global pandemic, most of the agents are choosing to work from home rather than visit the office.

“It created some distance for some of the cast members, but that could be a good thing for some of us that don’t really get along so much,” she joked.

Will you be tuning in for Season 4 of Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 are currently available on Netflix.

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