Exclusive interview: MAFS alum Luke Cuccurullo says savage viewers tried to destroy his business

MAFS alum Luke Cuccurullo screenshot
Luke Cuccurullo reflects on his MAFS experience. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 8 was one for the books, and cast member Luke Cuccurullo is hard to forget.

Viewers were outraged at his behavior towards his new wife, Kate Sisk, who was hit with some hurtful comments during her time on the show.

It’s obvious these two were not a match made in heaven, and by the end of the experiment, we were happy to see them part ways.

A few years have passed since then, and the pair have long since moved on with their separate lives.

Kate is happy and thriving with her new man and her fur babies, and Monsters and Critics recently caught up with Luke to find out about life post-MAFS.

We delved into some of the memorable moments from the season, and Luke revealed whether or not he has any regrets about his behavior.

Does Luke Cuccurullo regret his behavior on MAFS?

During a game of “Do You Regret It,” we asked Luke about some of the things he did on the show, and let’s just say he doesn’t regret a thing.

It’s hard to forget the moment Luke told Kate that he wasn’t attracted to her, as it garnered tons of backlash from viewers.

However, when asked if he regretted that, he responded, “No, I don’t regret that…do you want me to lie?”

There was also a moment when Luke told his wife that he was “repulsed” after kissing her–although we later found out it was much more than a kiss.

Luke said his words were “taken a bit out of context.”

“There’s no clip of me saying it,” he affirmed. “It’s her recollection… I had said I was disgusted in myself.”

Luke Cuccurullo said MAFS viewers tried to destroy his business

Luke reflected on his time on Married at First Sight, and let’s just say it wasn’t a fun experience.

“80 percent of people hate you,” said Luk– who added that he also experienced “strong homophobic undertones…racist undertones based on who I had dated previously.”

The viewers were vicious toward the MAFS star after watching the way he treated Kate, and they went to great lengths to express their disapproval.

“Every week, people were just cursing you out. People called my work and told them to fire me,” revealed Luke, who shared more of the savage behavior from disgruntled viewers.

He said they also tried to destroy his speed-dating business and “just s**t on anything you do.”

Since leaving the show, Luke toured the country in his car, explored freelance photography for a few years, and now he’s settled into alcohol sales.

Check out our exclusive interview with Luke Cuccurullo below.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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