Kate and Luke from Married at First Sight: Pastor Cal calls Luke’s comments ‘vile’, threatens to send him home

Luke Cuccurullo faces Pastor Cal on Married at First Sight
Luke Cuccurullo has to answer for kiss comments on MAFS. Pic credit: Lifetime

Now that the honeymoons are over, it’s time for the Married at First Sight stars to get back to their lives. For Luke Cuccurullo, that means facing Pastor Cal after the terrible things he said to Kate Sisk while in Costa Rica.

That happened on the latest episode of MAFS and even before Luke met with Pastor Cal, he said he really hoped the awkward kiss and its aftermath didn’t come up.

Well, it did and Pastor Cal was pretty angry. He even told Luke that the things he said to Kate were some of the most cruel he had ever heard one partner tell another in the entirety of the Married at First Sight series.

With that, Pastor Cal asked Luke if he was even interested in moving forward. After all, it seems that if kissing your wife makes you “feel repulsed” or “dead inside” then it’s probably time to move along.

Not Luke though! As we’ve seen before, Luke made it clear that there’s still hope for his marriage to Kate. Apparently, he just needs a little more time to feel that spark.

Now, it wouldn’t be the first time that a couple wed on Married at First Sight but didn’t feel instantly attracted to each other. Longtime viewers probably remember when Jamie Otis married Doug Hehner and that definitely was not love at first sight.

Despite Doug’s non-attraction to Jamie at first, the pair is still happily married and doing better than ever. Does that mean Luke and Kate still have a chance? Maybe, but to be fair, Doug never told Jamie that kissing her repulsed him nor did he feel dead inside.

In any case, Pastor Cal was not amused at all and he was actually quite concerned for Kate. He wanted to make sure she was okay and also to make it clear to both of them that this was clearly abusive behavior, something that worried him a lot.

So while Luke and Kate are still together and trying to make their Married at First Sight union work, it’s safe to say that Pastor Cal and the rest of the relationship experts will be keeping a careful eye on these two just to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

With the odds stacked high against them, Luke and Kate are not giving up. They even moved in together once they got back to Philadelphia and look to be enjoying each other more than they did before, even if they are still in the “just friends” stage and no one is trying to kiss anyone right now.

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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