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Exclusive: Camp Getaway’s Randall Klein dishes on her personal life, shares details about the Bravo show

Camp Getaway counselor Randall Klein talks about the show
Randall Klein talks Camp Getaway. Pic credit: @randalljklein/Instagram

Randall Klein is the funny, outspoken social coordinator at Camp Getaway.

She’s also one of the stars on Bravo’s new reality show that revolves around the adult camp located in the Berkshires.

Monsters & Critics spoke with the spunky occasional comedian as she dished on her personal life and about her experience working at Camp Getaway.

M&C: When you’re not a camp counselor, what are you doing?

Randall: When I am not a camp counselor, I am the Assistant Head of School and Curriculum Manager for ICL Academy, which is a private online school for grades 7-12 that ties students’ passions and purpose with personalized academics. If I’m not busy working, you can find me in Central Park going for a jog, bike ride, or simply a stroll! Either that, or back at the store getting more groceries!

M&C: What do you enjoy most about Camp Getaway?

Randall: What I enjoyed most about Camp Getaway was the people I met!  I truly love all the members of my cast/camp crew and feel lucky to now have them as friends in my life.  I had so much fun getting to know all the other counselors, David, Claire, and all the guests.  Those individuals stick out as the best part of the entire experience!

M&C: What has it been like to watch yourself on the show?

Randall: It’s been really fun to see myself on the show.  I find myself laughing along with family and friends who know me best, at just how well the camera caught many of my “randallisms,” so to speak!  The silly banter and playful spirit I have so far shines through, which is cool.  Because of my injury, I was pretty out of shape (I’m usually quite active) so sometimes I am not thrilled with how I look, but I kind of keep the bigger picture in mind, and luckily was able to get back to regular programming once my injury subsided.

Overall, I am so impressed with their ability to condense all that happens in a weekend and give the viewer an awesome rendition!  Just keep in mind, there’s always more to the story than just what you see…that’s why it’s fun to follow up with our social media and learn more about us and the show!

M&C: Is there anything you would do differently?

Randall: I think the only thing I would have done differently, would have been to enjoy more and worry less (great life motto!)  I tend to be a worrier, so I wish I just stayed in the day and kind of left the rest up to production.

M&C: What has the response been from fans since the show started airing?

Randall: The responses have been really great so far. I have received a ton of positive feedback/comments about people really connecting with me, whether it’s because they had a similar camp experience, have parents that would do the same, had an injury, are the single one in their group, or just in general were able to relate to me.

I had a lot of people reach out expressing that I made them laugh out loud, or seemed very authentic, which I really appreciate hearing.

A lot of people I work with in education reached out, shocked by how much I had to do over the weekend with this second job, which felt validating!

M&C: Who are you quarantined with and where are you quarantined?

Randall: I was with my parents for a majority of the time out in Long Island, but am back now in my apartment in the city.

Camp Getaway airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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