Ex on the Beach Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: Georgia says ‘YES!’

Ex on the Beach: Callum's Proposal to Georgia
Ex on the Beach: Callum Proposing to Georgia and Her Reaction – Pic credit: MTV

Before we get to the juicy goodness of Callum’s super-sweet proposal to Georgia on Ex on the Beach, let’s talk about who gave their hearts away and who kept their hearts for themselves.

Allie and Niall: The Lie Detector

Allie’s question for Niall in the lie detector test was, “am I enough for you?” and Niall’s answer was “yes.” The lie detector did not detect any deception, so either he was telling the truth – or – he knows how to beat a lie detector.

This result was unexpected, as I don’t think anyone thought Niall was all that serious about Allie in the grand scheme of things. It’s hard to tell with a jokester like Niall, but I guess his lie detector test showed his true feelings.

Allie was happy to get that reassurance and told him, “I like everything about you.”

Todd and Marlon: What’s the Deal Here?

Todd seems a bit delusional about the current state of his relationship with Marlon. He keeps saying, “what he have is real” while describing himself as being in “a tough situation.”

I think Todd is just Marlon’s stand-by beau for when he doesn’t have anything else going on in his love life. The poor guy is completely in love with Marlon and needs to wake up, move on with his life and quit allowing himself to be Marlon’s second choice side piece.

Marlon says he’s confused now about what to do with his “heart” at the upcoming ceremony because he doesn’t feel like La Demi sees a future with him.

At the lie detector test, she claimed she didn’t want to date him outside the chalet – but – that was only in response to another conversation she had with Marlon (before the lie detector) that made her feel like he didn’t want anything outside the house.

So, basically, she was telling the truth at that moment. But the real truth is that she does want something with Marlon outside of the chalet.

Callum and Georgia: First Comes Love, Then Comes…

Callum has been head over heels for Georgia since pretty much day one of meeting her and has been acting like a giddy schoolboy for the last few episodes. He continually expresses his feelings and love to her, and she’s been reciprocating.

He knows the big heart ceremony is coming up and has a surprise up his sleeve.

The surprise is that he wants to propose to Georgia. He’s so nervous and excited about it that he wants to look at engagement rings. He tells Adore and Adore flips out with excitement.

The two of them go to the jewelry store, and Callum picks out a ring. He tells Adore how nervous he is, and Adore supports him, but isn’t sure if Georgia is at that same stage in their relationship, or ready to get married.

Callum is super stressed out about the big moment and thinking about what he is going to say.

Back to Callum in a bit…

La Demi and Adore: Ride or Die

We see Adore and La Demi in the diary room doing a cute BFF video together. Demi jokes that “she’s found the ‘one’” (in Adore), and Adore calls her “soul-sister” and her “ride or die.”

These two are just awesome together. Two extra-wonderful beauties, trying to find their way in this crazy world. I can’t wait to see them doing their thing together.

Romeo, Romeo, Where for Art Thou?: The Heart Ceremony

Romeo announces that the heart ceremonies are about to begin and that the singles will have to come up one-by-one to decide if they want to give their hearts to someone else – or – keep them for themselves.

Finally, the heart ceremonies begin.

Nicole and Ashley: The Player and The Played

Nicole is up first, and she gives Ashley her heart. Ashley happily accepts.

Nicole tells her she loves her and says, “ I have to put a ring on that finger someday.”

Yeah right. Does anyone think this relationship will last?

Nicole has shown on numerous occasions that she is not able to be faithful and enjoys her “player” lifestyle. The fact that she’s trying to act so serious about Ashley is laughable. Is she for real?

Maybe Ashley is “the one” for Nicole, and she will change her player ways. Or maybe, Nicole is just acting this way for the cameras, and it will be business as usual after they leave the chalet?

Time will tell.

Ryan and Magdalena: Who Are They, Again?

Ryan says, “the feelings are still there” for Magdalena. He offers him his heart, and she accepts.

The only thing even remotely interesting about these two is that Ryan’s ex is now officially his “next.” Aside from that, their presence on the show was pretty much non-existent.

I actually forgot their names a few times.

Adore and Tyler: Something or Just a Fling?

Adore says he has had a great “journey of self-love” and “wants to leave here happy.”

She decides to keep her heart to herself. No big shocker. The two of them didn’t seem like they were hitting it off too well at the end there.

Tyler doesn’t look all that upset by the decision and leaves.

Allie and Niall: Opposites Attract

Allie says feels on top of the world and is confident she is making the right choice. Niall tries to be serious and talk from the heart, which is quite a surprise as he is usually never serious about anything.

He says he originally came on the show to “kind of get with everyone” and then gives a long and confusing explanation/reference to a Shrek scenario about a great love story, basically saying that he feels like he fell in love on the show.

Allie offers her heart to Niall, and he accepts. He says they have fallen in love, and it seems “love has grown from catching bugs to catching feelings.”

Allie is excited to take their relationship into the real world.

Tyranny and E’Mari: Liars Never Win

At the lie detector test, Tyranny said she did not sleep with Sam. The lie detector indicated deception.

E’Mari didn’t believe her and knew in his heart that she was probably lying. Despite that, Tyranny continues to assure him that she didn’t hook up with Sam – all sticks to her story up to their last day in the chalet.

I guess she’s finally feeling bad about lying to E’Mari because she decides to come clean with him at the heart ceremony. She tells him she did hook up with Sam and follows that with “I still choose you.”

Girl, what? You know this man is going to be pissed off and hurt that you lied to him so many times when he gave you plenty of opportunities to tell him the truth. Do you think he cares if you “choose him” right now?

Um, no. He doesn’t. I think the ball is in his court right now.

After a few moments of shock and hurt feelings, he says he “can’t be mad about anything she did before he arrived at the chalet (while she was single)” but that he at least deserved honesty from her.

Tyranny apologizes and asks him for another chance. She offers him her heart. Romeo asks if E’Mari wants to melt his heart and give it to Tyranny and he says no. They both leave separately

Tyranny knows she messed up.

La Demi, Marlon, and Todd: And Then There Were Two

Romeo asks Marlon first what he learned about himself and what he wants to do with his heart.

Marlon says he’s grown since he’s been there and that, unfortunately, it wasn’t ideal timing for him and La Demi when Todd showed up.

Marlon decides to keep his heart for himself. No shocker there.

Todd explains Marlon’s decision by saying he doesn’t think Marlon loves himself, and that’s why he’s unable to give it to anyone else. In the end, he just wants Marlon to be happy.

La Demi is up next.

Before making her decision, she says, “in order to live or pursue something you have to give something up, so this is me telling you, I want to give my heart to you (Marlon)” he looks genuinely surprised.

Todd immediately reacts to this and says, “in typical Demi fashion, she’s willing to give her heart to someone who says I don’t want to give mine to anyone. That says a lot about La Demi and her insecurities and looks a little desperate.”

WOW – a little butt-hurt, maybe?

Marlon then says, “can I like change my answer?” What? What? Is Marlon having a change of heart? I wasn’t expecting that.

He says he wasn’t expecting Demi to give him her heart and that he’s happy he got it. He thinks, “outside of this, they could definitely grow into something bigger and better.”

What an unexpected surprise.

Georgia is so excited for them back at the chalet and is screaming for joy as this happening.

But wait… Marlon then says “I don’t want to give you my heart and mislead you in any way that we would be walking out of here in a relationship.”

I’m completely confused. What just happened? Demi says she understands and admits they’ve “only had one date, and things take time.” She seems pretty excited, anyway.

Marlon talks to Todd.

He says this situation has opened his eyes to all the ways the two of them butt heads. He tells him he wants to take a step back and just be friends.

Todd accepts that and says this experience is “only going to make their relationship stronger.” What? I’m baffled by this whole thing.

Todd leaves.

Demi and Marlon hug and kiss. Marlon says he’s “excited to see where things go” and that he “thinks there’s big things in their future.” Demi is all smiles and does a bunch of “Whoop-de-Woo’s”

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Callum and Georgia: Fiancé’s in the Chalet?

They walk out together, both smiling from ear to ear. You can tell Callum is nervous, but excited.

Callum gets all giddy and fidgety and starts expressing his feelings to Georgia. He tells her from the moment he met her, “it was like some cosmic force” and that what they have found is “more than love.”

“I think I’ve found my soulmate.”

She starts tearing up.

Callum tells her he loves her, gets down in one knee, and asks, “will you make me the happiest man alive…. Will you marry me?”

Georgia is shocked and says, “Oh my God, Callum, are you being serious?” And then she says yes!

After some hugs and kisses, Georgia says, “now I’m engaged. Like what the hell, that’s amazing!”

What an awesome moment.

Engaged at the Peak

We’ve got fiancé’s in the chalet!

It’s the first engagement EVER on the show.

In the very last scene, La Demi and Adore are waiting out by the cars for Georgia and Callum throwing confetti. Congrats and hugs then Adore says, “they better invite me. I’m not kidding. I’ll crash that fuc*ing wedding!”

LOL. Adore, I freaking love you!

And that’s it for this season of Ex on The Beach.

Status Updates

Nicole and Ashley briefly broke up but are back together again and dating long distance.

Ryan and Magdalena signed a lease together, and she’s in the process of moving to LA with her daughter

Niall and Allie – Niall says the first thing he’s going to do is book a flight to Florida to visit his pint-sized princess. He did end up visiting her in the states, but things didn’t work out.

Tyranny and E’Mari got together once they came back from New Zealand. But then he ghosted her, and she’s done with him.

Marlon and La Demi are just friends even though he still slides into her DM’s.

Callum and Georgia are happily engaged and planning their fairytale wedding.

Adore and La Demi are still very much BFF’s and will be going on tour together.

What a wild ride it has been…

We can’t wait to see the new cast for Season 5 of Ex on the Beach.

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