Ethan Kang reveals if he regrets his controversial comment

Ethan Kang
Ethan Kang discusses his comment made. Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Ethan Kang didn’t get much air time this season of The Bachelorette was shown on television until comments made during the last episode.

However, in the last episode, before Ethan was eliminated during the rose ceremony, he made his name known with a controversial comment about another one of Rachel Recchia’s suitors.

After the group date, where Tino Franco was so sure he would be getting the rose but didn’t, Ethan let his voice be heard.

While Tino walked around pouting, cursing, and shouting things about not receiving Rachel’s group date rose, Ethan couldn’t hold back.

In fact, as Tino behaved and acted as he did, Ethan could be heard calling Tino a baby back b***h, and Bachelor fans have been talking about it ever since.

Now that Ethan has been sent home, he has some things to say about his alleged controversial comment and whether or not he stands by it.

Ethan Kang discusses the comment he made about Tino Franco

Ethan appeared as a guest on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast this past week. Co-hosts Joe Amabile, Tia Booth, and Natasha Parker asked Ethan about his comment.

While Ethan knew Rachel didn’t have as strong of feeling for him as she did for contestants like Tino and Zach, he still tried to forge that connection with her.

However, after Tino acted as he did, Ethan felt like he had to call him out on his actions and immature behavior.

Ethan stated, “We were sitting there and thinking that every time he’s gotten a rose, we all said congrats and we were super supportive. So when he did that, we were all thinking it was a little selfish. And as I was walking away talking, I was just like, ‘He’s acting like a baby back b***h.’”

After Ethan said that, he noticed that the cameras started following him around; therefore, he started to realize his words were more than likely going to be aired.

However, he did reveal, “I’m glad it got portrayed in the proper light because I do stand by that statement at that moment in that context.”

But he also told the co-hosts it made him realize that he should watch his language a bit more.

Ethan Kang was asked if he talked to Rachel Recchia about Tino Franco’s behavior

After Joe asked Ethan if Ethan talked to Rachel about Tino’s behavior, Ethan claimed that he didn’t feel it was his place to tell her.

Ethan said, “She didn’t know about the antics he pulled that day, like when he got up off the couch, left us sitting there, and was pouting. But I knew that I wasn’t going to go to her and affect that relationship. That was for her to figure out.”

Whether or not Rachel ends up with Tino at the end of her journey is still to be determined, but Bachelor Nation alums and viewers hope that Tino’s behavior in that situation isn’t something that happens often.

For the full Click Bait with Bachelor Nation episode with Ethan Kang, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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