Erin Andrews makes shocking confession about Dancing with the Stars

Erin Andrews talks Dancing with the Stars
Erin Andrews talks Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ©

When Dancing with the Stars fired both Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews from their hosting duties, it took many fans by surprise.

In interviews since leaving the show, both Tom and Erin admitted that they felt it was all for the better in the end.

Tom admitted that the show was moving in a direction he didn’t really agree with, while Erin said that leaving DWTS allowed her to further her career in other areas of entertainment.

Both called it a blessing in disguise.

However, in a new interview, Erin admits that she misses hosting the show.

Erin Andrews on what she misses about Dancing with the Stars

Erin Andrews started out as a competitor on Dancing with the Stars, appearing in the tenth season, where she placed third.

She then signed on to co-host the show along with Tom Bergeron in 2014 and the two served in that role until 2019.

At that time, DWTS decided to make changes and brought in Tyra Banks to host the show, something that has been polarizing for many fans.

“I miss hosting,” Erin said in a recent interview. “I’ll always miss that group. I think what we had there was very special with Tom [Bergeron] leading the pack.”

While fans can’t seem to agree on Tyra Banks, most loved what Tom brought to the show. Erin is one of these, and she referred to him as the GOAT of the series.

“He was our Tom Brady, our quarterback of the show, and the judges were a lot of fun and those dancers were so special and nobody could talk football with me on those Mondays, which I was so annoyed about.”

Erin Andrews admits to wanting to return

While Erin Andrews will probably not return to Dancing with the Stars, she wants to do something similar again, to juggle with her work as an NFL reporter.

“I mean obviously, that’s something I want to do again where I try to juggle a football game during the weekend and then host a primetime game show. I really, really want to get back into that role. I had such a great time.”

Erin even said she is looking for a possible hosting gig for the future.

“Kind of looking for the right fit in that world, but definitely want to get back to it. Maybe don’t have to wear ballroom gowns and I maybe throw a pant in every now and then, and a sneaker, if you will. But if I could leave the ballroom gowns out of it, but if that was a requirement, I mean I would consider it.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return to ABC in late 2022, as it has reduced itself to just one season a year.

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