Erika Owens thanks 90 Day Fiance fans for all the love after clashing with Stephanie Matto on Before the 90 Days

Erika thanks fans for supporting her
Erika shares a message on IG thanking fans for their support. Pic credit: TLC

Erika Owens may not have gotten her happily-ever-after on 90 Day Fiance, but she seems to have captured the hearts of viewers.

The Australian photographer’s bubbly personality, rainbow-colored hair, and eye-catching outfits certainly added to her appeal.

She’s been getting a lot of fan support as her rocky relationship with YouTuber, Stephanie Matto, plays out on the popular TLC show.

Throughout the season, we’ve seen a patient Owens grappling with Matto’s insecurities during her trip to Australia.

This marked the first time the couple was meeting in person, and what started off happy quickly took a turn for the worse.

As the season progressed, things only got worse, with constant arguing, which usually left Erika in tears.

Erika is feeling the love

The self-proclaimed “colorful weirdo” has been getting a lot of love on social media from fans – many of whom have taken sides in the couple’s relationship.

It’s fair the say Owens has received an overwhelming amount of positive responses, and just recently, she took to Instagram to express her gratitude.

In the photo, the always colorful Erika is clad in a pink, leopard print romper and pink shades, with the rugged Australian terrain as her backdrop.

She writes in part, “I’m so appreciate of all the love and kindness I’ve been receiving over the past few days – I’ve needed it. It’s not easy putting your life on tv and then having to watch it from an outside perspective but I’m very proud of my authenticity and courage to throw myself into the deep end. I came into this wanting to be 100% Erika with no bullsh*t.”

She also proclaimed, “I’m a small-town baby gal with big dreams that likes to laugh and make people happy. My friends and family are my world and I try every day to live passionately and courageously. Thank you so much y’all for being so lovely and for seeing my soul for what it is.”

As the 24-year-old photographer relishes all the fan love on social media, her onscreen flame Stephanie Motto had the opposite experience.

Stephanie deactivates Instagram

Matto received so much negative backlash on social media that she has deactivated her social Instagram page.

Stephanie’s friend, IG user @heaatherrjadee, went on a social media rant earlier, bashing the show for portraying Matto in a negative light.

“You decided to do this show because it was supposed to be fun for everyone. No one could have foreseen anything that happened or how they would broadcast it.”

She added, “Just remember, this show is cringeworthy, laughable, lovable and the epitome of what a SH*T SHOW should be.”

As for Stephanie, she won’t be gone forever, she’s simply taking a break.

In the meantime, you can still see her and Erika on episodes of 90 Day Fiance, which airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

Leave her behind your are such a happy and bubbly Person.Every-time your with your so sad. Love you