Erika Jayne lashes out at RHOBH producer for asking questions about her legal trouble

Erika Jayne lashes out at RHOBH producer over legal drama.
Erika Jayne lashes out at an RHOBH producer in the premiere episode. Pic credit: Bravo

It seems Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne will be more impassioned than ever this season and we already caught a glimpse of that in the first episode.

The premier kicked off last night and we can already tell that it’s going to be a juicy season.

Erika’s legal problems are not over yet and her castmates still have questions about her involvement in her estranged-husband Tom Girardi’s embezzlement case.

The women have been reading all the accusations being made in the press and they are also seeking answers.

Last season, Erika lashed out at them for questioning her but this time around her annoyance was aimed at an RHOBH producer.

Erika Jayne lashes out at RHOBH producer who questioned her legal drama

Last season Sutton Stracke questioned the accusations made in the press about Tom Girardi’s law firm allegedly transferring $20 million into Erika’s LLC.

However, in the Season 12 premiere, the Pretty Mess singer chided Sutton for making untrue statements and she cited the accusation as one of the many things her castmate got wrong.

Us Weekly shared some key moments from the episode, including Erika’s chat with Garcelle about Sutton repeating those statements.

While hanging out with her costar, the 50-year-old made it known that the claims about the 20 million dollars have already been disproven.

Garcelle was surprised by her revelation and apparently so was one of the RHOBH producers who asked Erika to share how and when the accusations against her were disproven.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to go check all that s**t out, but it was disproven early,” retorted Erika in her confessional. “So, Bravo can do their due diligence. I don’t really know.”

The female producer could then be heard asking the Bravo Housewife if the proof in question was available to the public.

“Yeah, duh,” Erika responded. “Tell them to go f**king read everything that my lawyer has put out. They can answer their own f**king questions.”

Does Garcelle Beauvais believe Erika Jayne?

RHOBH producers weren’t the only ones surprised by Erika’s revelations that the claim of $20 million being transferred to her has already been disproven.

When she made the statement to Garcelle, the actress was surprised as well.

“There was never twenty or whatever million dollars in my LLC. I never had it,” said Erika during their chat. “It was never in my hands. It was never in my account.”

However, while dishing about the moment in her confessional, Garcelle had some questions of her own.

“Other than Erika saying that they’ve been disproven, I’ve seen nothing,” she noted. “Not in the paper, not in the blogs, nowhere. If this is true, why isn’t it in the press?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Leave Erika alone if your her true friend you will stand by her!