Erika Jayne calls out Denise Richards for wanting Lisa Rinna fired from RHOBH

Erika Jayne calls out Denise Richards for wanting Lisa Rinna fired
Denise Richards faces off with Lisa and Erika. Pic credit:@Hayu/Bravo

Part 1 of the three-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion just aired and it’s giving us a lot to talk about.

After a very dramatic season centered on Denise Richards, the women had quite a bit to delve into.

Issues with the actress have caused a fallout with many of her cast members, who believe that she was dishonest about the Brandi Glanville affair allegations.

Furthermore, earlier in the season, Denise called out the women for having a sexual conversation within earshot of her children during a party at her house.

The ladies felt that Denise was being hypocritical since she openly talked about her sexual endeavors–including happy endings and her husband’s penis size– during her first stint on the show.

The entire season was centered on the women’s issues with Denise and the reunion was no different.

Erika Jayne calls out Denise

The cast wasted no time in delving right into the meat of the matter and during one segment about the Denise vs Erika and Lisa Rinna drama.

Erika brought up a tweet that Denise had liked on Twitter that bashed the two RHOBH stars.

The original tweet was really referring to Erika Jayne and the comment she had made earlier in the season about teenagers having sex.

However, there was a reply attached to the tweet stating that Lisa Rinna should be fired from the show and Denise liked the entire thread.

“You said I should lose my job and that I’m a racist,” Lisa said as Denise tried to explain herself.

But Denise didn’t get too far into her explanation before Lisa retorted, “You did it in a public forum!”

“You liked a tweet like that, that was so vile and so nasty. You knew exactly what you were doing. Don’t you f*#k around and lie to me like that!”

Denise denies the tweet accusation

As host, Andy Cohen tried to get to the bottom of the tweet debacle and Denise insisted that she wasn’t lying about her intentions.

“I did not know it was for that,” Denise explained about the tweet. “It was actually by accident and that’s the truth. I  only saw the comment about Erika.”

“Denise you liked the tweet, and in liking the tweet it says everything!” interjected Lisa Rinna.

“Lisa, the tweet that I liked was in reference to Erika,” said the second season alum.

“I did not know she [Lisa] was underneath it that’s the truth!

You can check out the clip below!

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Wednesday September 9 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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