Erik Lake says ‘I do’ again as MAFS castmates attend his Georgia wedding

MAFS star Erik Lake and his new wife Lola Lake Instagram selfie
Erik Lake marries his fiancee Lola. Pic credit: @padawan_punz/Instagram

Erik Lake did not give up on finding true love despite his failed attempt at a perfect match on Married at First Sight.

The Season 12 alum got married over the weekend, and several of his costars were in attendance for his big day.

One person who was understandably not present for the event was Erik’s ex-wife, Virginia Coombs.

The pair had a rocky relationship on the show, and things also ended on a sour note as Erik was the one who initiated the divorce.

After their split, Virginia made eye-raising accusations against her ex and called him an “abusive narcissist” on social media.

She even had some words for his then-fiancee, Logen — who goes by Lola — who begged the 29-year-old to leave them alone.

Virginia’s claims did not affect the blond beauty, because now, she’s officially Mrs. Lola Lake, as noted on her Instagram bio.

MAFS star Jacob Harder shares a group snap from Erik Lake’s wedding

The MAFS alums cleaned up quite well, as they posed in their fancy attire for Erik’s wedding, which took place in Georgia.

In attendance were Erik’s former castmates Briana Myles and her husband Vincent Morales, along with Ryan Oubre and Jacob Harder — who posted the group photo on Instagram.

Briana and Vincent were chic in all-black, while Ryan and Jacob wore white shirts under their jackets, and both opted for black bow ties.

“We clean up nice. Congrats @erik_cleared_for_takeoff & @padawan_punz 👏👏👏 #TheLakesClearedForTakeoff,” Jacob captioned the Instagram post.

Meanwhile, Lola — who has gotten the stamp of approval from the MAFS crew — saw the post and thanked Erik’s former castmate for attending their wedding.

“Aww love this! Thank you so much for coming all the way back to Georgia for the wedding Jake. It meant the world to us” she wrote.

Erik also expressed gratitude to Jacob for making the trip.

“Thank you so much for coming dude! You’ve always been a great friend. Means the world that you made the journey down. It was good to get everyone together again!”

Erik Lake and his new wife Lola Lake's Instagram comments
Pic credit: @areaman30096/Instagram

Virginia Coombs calls her wedding to Erik Lake a ‘s**t show’

It’s unclear if Virginia knew about Erik and Lola’s wedding, but if not, her shady Instagram Story was eerily coincidental.

She posted a photo with the group of friends who served as her bridesmaids during her wedding to Erik and noted that she hadn’t seen them in a while.

Virginia Coombs Instagram Story
Virginia Coombs throws shade at her wedding to Erik Lake. Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

“First time we’ve all been together since my wedding and 3 days out from the 3 day mark of that s**t show is very fitting,” she noted.

Married at First Sight Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Anita Louise
Anita Louise
9 months ago

I’ll probably catch heck for this but Erik’s new wife looks like Virginia.

9 months ago
Reply to  Anita Louise

Ooh not even close .. Lola is so much better

9 months ago
Reply to  Wendy

Agreed!! She’s not a drunk or crazy person like Virginia

5 months ago
Reply to  Anita Louise

I thought the same

7 months ago

Glad Erik found someone. What’s her name is way too immature.

4 months ago

Erik is going to drive that lady crazy. He is too controlling