Emily Larina reveals devastating loss, long separation from husband Sasha

Sasha and Emily from 90 Day Fiance
Emily Larina shares a difficult update with fans. Pic credit: TLC

Emily Larina from 90 Day Fiance recently shared a difficult and devastating family update for her friends and followers.

Not only has the former reality star suffered a very difficult loss, but she’s also doing it alone after a visa setback has left her in Idaho with her son David while her husband Sasha went back to Russia without her.

Emily Larina reveals devastating pregnancy loss

It wasn’t too long ago that Emily Larina revealed that she and Sasha were expecting another child.

It was a joyous moment but even then, she said that she felt like it was a bit early to make the baby news public.

In fact, the reason that they even made the announcement was that Sasha posted a picture of their son David and the shirt he was wearing in the photo gave away their big news.

So as congratulations started to pour in, Emily went ahead and made the news official, letting 90 Day Fiance fans know that they were, indeed, expecting.

Now, Emily is sharing the sad news that that pregnancy didn’t stick.

“Hi all, It has been a while,” Emily started her latest message. “There is always a certain amount of risk when announcing a pregnancy early. Sadly, I went through a loss a few weeks ago. I’ve been keeping to myself and working on grieving and healing.”

She continued on by thanking those who had reached out to her, as many realized that she had pulled back on social media in recent weeks.

Emily explained that she was “cocooning,” which is something she tends to do when she is dealing with something as devastating as a miscarriage.

Pic credit: @emily.larina/Instagram

Sasha is in Russia, Emily is not

It turns out that Emily is dealing with even more difficulties as she didn’t end up getting to go back to Russia with Sasha. Instead, she explained that there was an issue getting her visa in time.

Rather than have Sasha wait for her in the US, he went on to Russia without her to get their life set back up in his home country.

Currently, she is still living in Idaho with their son and hopes that the pair can be reunited soon. According to Emily’s Instagram story below, she’s hoping to have the visa issue settled and be on her way to Russia with David by September.

Pic credit: @emily.larina/Instagram

The last time Emily shared a photo of herself with Sasha was on July 4. In it, they enjoyed a date night together at Texas de Brazil in Meridian, Idaho.

She also revealed that they went to see a movie for the first time in three years.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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