90 Day Fiance: Emily explains why she and Sasha are moving back to Russia

90 Day Fiance: Emily explains why she and Sasha are moving back to Russia
Emily and Sasha are headed back to Russia. Pic credit: @emily.larina/Instagram

Sasha Larin and now-wife Emily McCue Larina had a divisive impact on 90 Day Fiance during their season. The main reason is that viewers weren’t sure if they were right for each other. Years later, they’re stronger than ever, and we’ve learned that the pair are moving back to Russia.

The news was surprising for fans, as they were positive that Emily and Sasha wouldn’t last. Taking to her Instagram stories, Emily explained why the two were uprooting.

Sasha and Emily split 90 Day Fiance fans

When Sasha and Emily first appeared on 90 Day Fiance, fans were split. Though it was obvious that Emily was madly in love, it wasn’t clear if this was reciprocated. Some viewers even thought that Sasha might leave her as soon as he got to America. Sasha’s behavior didn’t seem to change fans’ minds.

Part of Emily’s family also disliked the Russian; Emily’s sister was aghast at how he treated the then-soon-to-be bride. That was especially on show after Emily gave birth; Sasha would routinely tell her that she needed to lose the baby weight.

Despite fans and Emily’s sister calling him out on his behavior, the two got married. In the years since, their family has continued to expand. The pair hasn’t been on 90 Day Fiance or its spinoffs in quite some time, however; after a Tell All episode, Emily swore off reality TV for good.

Moving back to Russia

Sasha Larin and Emily McCue moving to Russia wasn’t the original plan for the 90 Day Fiance couple. Instead, they had wanted to move Sasha’s family to America. With the ongoing pandemic, however, getting visas has been close to impossible.

As Emily explains, the decision was then made to uproot and move to be with them. She also noted that Sasha primarily moved to the United States to meet her family and get married. After a recent coronavirus scare with her other half, Emily is no longer around her family too often, which made the decision easier.

It’s not all good news for the pair, though; they won’t be taking their dog with them, with the canine companion staying with Emily’s mom. The couple may send for him eventually, although it’s unclear when that will happen.

Moving back to Russia makes perfect sense for the 90 Day Fiance alumni. Sasha’s kids are back there, and it seems as though he misses them. Whether Emily can settle in after the move remains debatable.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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