Emily Balch claps back as MAFS viewer makes trashy edit of her group photo

MAFS star Emily Balch
Emily Balch responds to a shady post. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch and her besties, Becca Haley, Lauren Good, and Clare Kerr, are still getting roasted on social media by Married at First Sight fans.

The season might be over, but fans of the show are not done dragging the women.

Emily is known for clapping back at the critics, and she did just that after someone edited a group photo that was recently posted online.

This time, the 29-year-old chose a different approach, and instead of getting angry, she laughed at the altered image, even resharing it on her page.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Season 17 wives, who had viewers in their corner for the first few months.

However, things took a drastic turn at the very end after the revelation that they were in cahoots with the men to fake storylines and manipulate the marital experiment.

While the husbands copped to their part in the deceptive plan, the women took zero accountability — a stance that infuriated viewers.

Couple that with the women’s embarrassing behavior at the reunion, and by the time Part 2 aired, they had lost the support of MAFS viewers, and now they’re getting tons of backlash online.

MAFS fan makes a shady photo edit of the Season 17 wives

Some of the MAFS wives have opted to boldly go public with their Instagram pages despite the ongoing backlash against them online.

Emily was the first one to take the plunge, and most recently, Lauren went public with her page, but she might already regret that decision.

She posted photos, including snaps of some outings with her MAFS besties.

However, it didn’t take long for someone to take one of the group images and edit it to their liking.

The photo in question showed the pink pact seemingly at a music festival as they had posed in the outdoor parking lot with a barrage of cars as their backdrop.

However, the MAFS fan altered the image and replaced the vehicles in the background with a garbage dump. The edited image showed Emily, Clare, Lauren, and Becca posing with piles of trash burning in the background.

Emily Balch claps back at the shady photo edit

Emily is not letting the altered photo get her down. Instead, she reposted the snap on her Instagram Story with a message for the photo editor.

Emily Balch Instagram Story
Emily Balch claps back after someone edited her photo. Pic credit: @the_emily_balch/Instagram

“SO to whoever made this masterpiece 🎨” responded the MAFS star. “thinking of making tshirts with this art so TY!”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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19 days ago

These woman are an embarrassment to all woman , so not what a real woman is ….