Elizabeth Corrigan celebrates being queer after arm wrestling Clayton Echard

Elizabeth Corrigan
Bachelor Nation’s Elizabeth Corrigan comes out publicly as queer. Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan celebrated Pride this month in a big way.

The Bachelor Season 26 star opened up about her sexuality and revealed she’s bisexual.

Elizabeth also shared a moment from her experience on The Bachelor that she felt highlighted her queerness.

Elizabeth Corrigan addresses being queer

Elizabeth Corrigan took to her Instagram Stories to share an article headline addressing her public coming out and deeming her empowering.

Appreciating the article, Elizabeth wrote, “They didn’t tell me they were doing this – and what a beautiful surprise that is. Can you imagine when the bachelor originally aired anything like this happening?”

Elizabeth Corrigan's Instagram story
Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

Elizabeth also shared a photo from a group date during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

Elizabeth flexes her muscles in the photo as she arm wrestles Clayton on the back of co-star Melina Nasab. 

Behind them, The Bachelor Season 26 stars Lyndsey Windham, Sierra Jackson, and upcoming Bachelorette lead Gabby Windey watch with amusement.

Elizabeth used the arm-wrestling moment to further emphasize her queerness, writing, “If this pic of me arm wrestling [Clayton Echard] didn’t give you a hint I was queer I’m not sure what would have…” 

Elizabeth Corrigan's Instagram story
Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

In another post to her Instagram Stories, Elizabeth humorously zoomed in on Melina’s wide-eyed facial expression as she bent down on all fours to serve as the arm wrestling table.

Elizabeth wrote over the photo, “Also I’m clearly winning.” Elizabeth drew an arrow to Melina’s face and added, “[Melina Nasab] knew,” with two purple heart emojis.

Elizabeth Corrigan's Instagram story
Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan comes out as bisexual in vulnerable post

During Pride Month, Elizabeth took to her main Instagram page to share several photos of herself in a rainbow crop top and jeans as she posed with a view of Manhattan behind her.

The rainbow-patterned top was more than just a style choice, but rather the beginning of her coming out as bisexual in the post.

Elizabeth captioned the post, “It’s hard to know the right way to say these things, or the right time. Today seems like both and neither. Waking up this morning to my first Pride in NYC I was so excited. I sprung out of bed, went to get a coffee-bought a flag- and quickly began feeling anxious. Overwhelmingly so. Am I ready? No. Am I scared? Yes. Will ‘the right time’ come? Qualify it. It’s important to me today to share with you all that I am queer. More specifically I am, always have been, and always will be-bisexual. ?.”

Elizabeth continued, “If you know me personally you probably know this. Everytime I tell someone new this information I experience fear. Fear that it will end a business transaction, fear that I will make someone uncomfortable, fear that I would be ostracized from my family …. Etc etc etc. what’s more important to me at the end of the day -is to be me. Authentic. Genuine. Raw. So maybe one person will feel less alone… If you’re that one. I’ve got you. I’m here-I’ll answer. You are NOT alone.”

In concluding her caption, Elizabeth wrote, “Hoping that one day the fear will turn to what it should be …PRIDE. Only love. All love. Today and each day to come. Moments matter.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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