Eboni K. Williams speaks out on why Bravo should not fire Ramona Singer for problematic behavior

Eboni and Ramona
Eboni K. Williams opens up to Ramona on RHONY. Pic credit: Bravo

Eboni K. Williams has opened up about her relationship with controversial costar Ramona Singer and explained why she doesn’t want to see her fired from the Real Housewives of New York City.

Williams broke barriers when she became the first black Real Housewife of New York City. Many fans thought, and Bravo agreed, that diversifying the cast was necessary.

Eboni used this as a chance to educate her castmates, who are mostly older, white, and wealthy, on the racism that many people in the country face. Viewers saw how that played out of the show and the strife it caused one Housewife in particular – New York City OG Ramona Singer.

After a season of controversial behavior, Ramona was called out on social media, and many fans hoped she would be fired. Now Eboni opens up about why it is important to keep Ramona on the show, despite having filed a formal complaint to Bravo against her costar.

Eboni says Ramona’s attitude represents ‘our country’

In a recent interview, Eboni revealed she does not think Ramona should be fired from the show, where she has held an apple for thirteen seasons. “If I’m just looking at what was on the show, I don’t think anything on the show warrants the firing of Ramona,” she said. “That is my opinion.”

She then spoke on Bravo chief Andy Cohen, saying, “Andy kind of speaks to this in different interviews — and I agree with him: Ramona’s way of thinking and the way she presents on the show is very representative of a significant portion of our country, OK?”

Eboni discussed a scene that she and Ramona filmed where Eboni expressed her joy in having a woman in the White House. She said of her conversation with Ramona, “You see it in the scene last season where we’re in her apartment, and we reach an impasse as to whether she can have a celebratory moment for a woman in the White House in the capacity of vice president.”

Eboni continued, affirming Ramona, “She had some of her facts wrong, but that’s OK because that’s what happens when you cram. But I [didn’t want to leave her apartment] because I believe better of Ramona. I believe Ramona can sit there like a big girl and have a conversation that doesn’t have agreement, and still enjoy her champagne and have a lovely night with a friend.”

Eboni went on to express that she considers Ramona a great gal pal, saying, “The gag is I enjoy Ramona Singer, I really do. There’s a lot of quirky personality elements that we actually share in terms of taste and lifestyle. We’re both savvy businesswomen, we’re both about our coins, we’re both about being self-made… We have points of connectivity, fun and similarities.”

What caused the underlying issues between Eboni and Ramona?

Despite a rough season, Eboni and Ramona ended up as friends, and Eboni continuously tried to stay kind and forgiving to Ramona.

However, before the season officially ended on air, it was reported that the reunion was postponed and eventually canceled. Season 13 reunion was halted following an investigation into Ramona’s alleged racist behavior, which was launched after Eboni filed a complaint with Bravo.

A member of the production team also reported to the network that Ramona purportedly stated, “This is why we shouldn’t have black people on the show,” which Ramona strongly denied.

Many viewers recall the now infamous Black Shabbat episode of Season 13, during which Ramona claimed she was a victim of racism because a black nurse allegedly refused to give her pain meds while she was in labor in 1987. She also claimed Jewish people hated her in college. Eboni later said she was horrified by Ramona’s behavior.

Fans did not get to see a resolution to the conflict among the ladies, but when the new season airs, they will get to see how the Housewives are getting along now.

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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