Dylan Barbour wants to find his mom a man — and Tyler Cameron chimes in

Dylan Barbour
Dylan Barbour wants to find a man for his mom. Pic credit: ABC

Dylan Barbour found love on Bachelor In Paradise when he met Hannah Goodwin, who had participated in Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

As soon as Dylan saw her, he knew that he wanted to try and date her. Despite Hannah trying to explore other options, he was determined to make it work.

Barbour eventually got what he wanted and proposed to Hannah on Bachelor In Paradise.

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Now, he has another plan in the works. And it’s not planning his wedding with Hannah. Instead, he wants to find love for his mom.

And he’s asking the world for help.

Dylan Barbour wants to find his mom her everlasting love

On Instagram, Dylan shared a picture of his mom and shared the details in the caption. He revealed that she has been there for her kids and has been strong through breakups and trouble throughout the years.

He then said that it was his time to support her and, with her approval, it was time to find her partner.

Dylan's mom
Dylan shared a photo of his mom in a quest to find her love. Pic credit: @commentsbybachelor/Instagram

In the longer caption, he revealed one specific detail that many Bachelor fans found hilarious.

“Only one restriction: @tylerjcameron3 is banned from participating,” Dylan wrote in his post.

Tyler replied to the post, and he had someone in mind.

“Since I’m out of the race maybe we can set her up with pops. Could you imagine all of the fun activities. We can make bunk beds and be stepbrothers. I’m too big for top bunk so I’m already calling bottom,” Tyler replied.

Dylan Barbour found love with Hannah Goodwin on Bachelor In Paradise

Since leaving Bachelor In Paradise, Dylan and Hannah are still going strong. They are living in separate cities, but it’s something that works for them.

They are in no rush to plan and get married, as they are just enjoying their relationship right now.

Before the shutdown due to COVID-19, Dylan and Hannah hosted a chic engagement party in late February. They revealed that it wasn’t so much to highlight a wedding, but more so their friends could meet each other.

Despite getting engaged on television, many of their friends and family had yet to meet.

Several Bachelor Nation members also attended the engagement party, including Demi Burnett, Hannah Brown, and Jed Wyatt.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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