Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour give fans a glimpse inside their chic engagement party

Hannah G and Dylan
Hannah G and Dylan had an engagement party recently. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Goodwin and Dylan Barbour are still going strong after their engagement on Bachelor In Paradise.

Dylan pursued Hannah G even though she was exploring other options.

But his persistence paid off, and the two ended up getting engaged on the show.

Since then, the couple has continued their relationship, even though Hannah lives in Los Angeles, and Dylan lives in San Diego.

The two wanted to have this engagement party to celebrate their love and bring together friends and family from across the country.

Hannah Goodwin and Dylan Barbour stunned at their engagement party

The two looked gorgeous at the party, and they were all smiles for the photos that were taken.

The photos were taken by PEOPLE magazine and the couple shared a few of the exclusive photos on their social media pages.

The couple enjoyed cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and drank Babe Kombucha, including the non-alcoholic Maui Wowie and the upcoming alcoholic line.

The guests could also enjoy Fortaleza Tequila and a wine tasting from Longhouse Wines.

The couple celebrated at a private house in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday. Hannah wore a stunning white cocktail dress with feather detailing, while Dylan chose a blue velvet suit by Jay Amin.

The event was planned by Stephen McGree from Bravo’s Summer House.

Other than family members and childhood friends, Hannah and Dylan also invited Peter Weber, Hannah Brown, Mike Johnson, Luke Stone, Heather Martin, Demi Burnett, Katie Morton, Matt Donald, and Jed Wyatt.

Jed brought his new girlfriend with him. It appears that Hannah B and Jed can be civil around one another after their public split last year.

Plus, Peter and Hannah B had to see one another again as well after her appearance on The Bachelor earlier this year.

Hannah Goodwin and Dylan Barbour reveal their favorite parts of the night

Despite the chances of drama among the guests, Hannah and Dylan had a great night. The two told PEOPLE magazine about their favorite parts.

“Probably around seven o’clock, when everybody progressed past drinking champagne and was taking tequila shots,” Barbour told PEOPLE. “Then, we got to see who everybody really is.”

For Hannah G, it was more about people coming together, having fun, and putting their phones down for the night.

“I just was naturally so excited about some of my friends and family who have never even been to California before,” Hannah said. “It was such a fun event, and I just wanted everybody to let loose, put the phones down, be in the moment. I feel like those events are very rare, especially living out here.”

The two have yet to set a wedding date, and this engagement party wasn’t meant to kickstart wedding planning. In fact, the two are just enjoying their engagement for now.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus but it will return this summer 2020.

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