Duggar questionnaire uncovered: Jim Bob Duggar has a lot of concerns about potential suitors

The older Duggar girls
Jessa, Joy-Anna, Jill, Jana, and Jinger hanging out.  Pic Credit: Twitter

The Duggar questionnaire is a hot topic right now. It isn’t new though — the idea that suitors had to fill out paperwork before entering a courtship with one of Jim Bob Duggar’s children was revealed two years ago.

Courting a Duggar is a big deal. There is a process, and sometimes the potential suitor is shown the door. Jim Bob Duggar appears to be determined to hand-pick his children’s spouses at all costs, even if there is an administrative overhead!

In 2016, the older Duggar daughters revealed there is a courtship questionnaire that is handed out by their father. Apparently, it was 30 pages long prior to 2014 when Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard. Since then, it has reportedly climbed to around 50 pages long.

There is a post in the Free Jinger forum that claims to show the Duggar questionnaire unearthed.

Cafe Mom claims that it is plausibly real, though its veracity hasn’t been confirmed by anyone in the family. Not only would a questionnaire for courting a Duggar be a little over the control boundaries, it would be incredibly weird as well.

There are over 400 questions on the alleged Duggar questionnaire for the suitor to fill out and it touches on everything from the suitor’s views on women wearing pants through to corporal punishment.

Many critics have commented that this process would be excessive, especially because people who are asking to court the Duggar children would generally already know how the family operates.

It appears that the Duggar girls may not have been joking about the Duggar questionnaire back in 2016. While there was some doubt that Jim Bob Duggar handed it out, the questionnaire recently unearthed could well be the real deal.

If the number of pages nearly doubled in four years, there is no telling where it will be by the time Josie Duggar is ready to date.

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